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    FO U-boot Badge made of Tombac

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    I have a ?

    Have Friedrich Orth made U-Boot Badges in Tombac ?

    I saw one at the Show in Letohallen . I dont have any pics of it , but maker mark looks correct , hinge , pin and catch looked like FO . But badge had not any finish left , and price was a bit high , so I past it .

    And the coulor looked very dep/dark brown on tombac .

    And instead og the ring (o) in the other position for catch it had a (#) quadrangle . Pin was vertical , and this ( # ) was at the lower position on whreat ( six o`clock ) .

    Held in hand it dont gave me this 100 % feeling , but details on front was good .

    Have anyone seen or handle a FO U-Boot Badge like that , fake or real ?

    Jan Arne

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    Thanks for comments and inputs !

    If the person I thought could have bought it , have done that . Then I think I would be allowed to take some shots of it .

    I will check that .

    I should have taken pics of it at the Show ! :speechless:

    Jan Arne

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