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    Hello Gentlemen,

    Im looking for promotion dates and condecorations of these men in WWI :

    Sorry, I know , this is a long list :(

    Thx in advance

    Adolf Ritter von Ruith

    Albrecht Steppuhn

    Alfred W?ger

    Anton Grasser

    Arnold Ritter von M?hl

    Carl P?chler

    Eberhard Kinzel

    Edgar R?hricht

    Emmerich von Nagy

    Enno von Rintelen

    Erich Raschick

    Erich Straube

    Ferdinand Neuling

    Friedrich K?chling

    Friedrich Schulz

    Friedrich Siebert

    Friedrich Wiese

    Georg von Sodenstern

    Hans Gollnick

    Hans Karl von Scheele

    Hans von Greiffenberg

    Hellmuth Thumm

    Hermann Foerstch

    Hermann Niehoff

    Hermann Recknagel

    Hubert Gercke

    Karl von Oven

    Karl-Heinrich von St?lpnagel

    Kurt R?pke

    Ludwig M?ller

    Martin Grase

    Max Bock

    Max von Schenckendorff

    Otto Roettig

    Otto Schellert

    Paul V?lckers

    Rudolf Gercke

    Rudolf Hofmann

    Theodor Busse

    Thomas-Emil von Wickede

    Walter Graf von Brockdorff-Ahlefeldt

    Walter Hoerlein

    Walther Melzer

    Wilhelm Schneckenburger

    Wilhelm Wegener



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    I think you would do better to select one man and give all available information you know about him. I have seen some of the guys on here do miracles, but just finding this info on one man can take hours pouring over old dusty books. 45 names with no ranks, no dates of service, no branch of service, no birth or death dates, is above and beyond the call of duty for the researchers among us. :shame:

    Dan Murphy

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    I agree with Dan. That is a heck of alot to ask for! You need to ranklists to look this information up. The WWI German Ranklists are available on CD. PM me if you are interested in getting this information.

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    I agree with Dan and Paul.

    I choice the Paul V?lckers's name, in less than one minute I had the answer in the internet. I typed the name in the search bar and clicked Search. It's work.

    Paul Gustaf V?lckers: Geb. 15.03.1891 Ges. 25.01.1946 Gen. d. Inf. 01.04.1945

    Ritter Kreuz 11.12.1942 Deutsches Kreuz 01.04.1942


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