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    An interesting little group of photos I was given by a former member of the Feldgendarmerie of the Hermann G?ring Division who served on attachment to a Field Court Martial.

    It may come as a surprise to some but the Germans DID investigate complaints from Soviet civilians against members of the German armed forces.

    The Court Martial arrives. The board on the front of the truck reads "Feldgericht der Lw"

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    One of his comrades, Corporal Ludwig Dinger, a despatch rider with the HG Feldgendarmerie. Interestingly, although on the original print you can clearly see the Luft eagle on the gorget and the Luft insignia on the M43 cap, Dinger maintains the cap, and his M43 style tunic, were field grey not Luftwaffe blue-grey.

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    I am floored! :o:love:

    This grouping is definately a first!!! Nice find! Did you get this grouping from the veteran? Is there a discription on the back of the photos?



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    Yes all of these were direct from the HG vets (Herr Kail and Herr Dinger) with full narrative descriptions. You can't beat that sort of provenance.

    You are correct there! What were the men being sentenced charged with? What was their punishement?

    I notice that these men seem to be enlisted! Can you tell what waffenfarbe they are wearing? Did they wear the orange piped shoulder boards(per the Jun43 order)?

    This is such a rarely encountered area of the Luftwaffe, so please forgive the questions.

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