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Russian Abbreviations

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Hi gentlemen,

i found this list of abbreviations on another forum and i thought, it could be useful in the future. Please add the one, you know.

A - Administration

ABTU - Avto-Brone-Tankovoe Upravlenie - the Truck-Armor-Tank Directorate, also see the GABTU.

AKFD - Archive of film and photographic documents.

AMTORG - Amerikanskaya Torgovlya - Trade Company with USA.

Artkom - Artillerijskiy Komitet - the Artillery Committee.

ASSR - Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

BCPX - All-Russia Trade Union of Chemical Industry Workers.

BCXB & BDHX - Exhibition of Successes of the Soviet Agriculture,


BOT - Bronirovannaya Ognevaya Tochka - Armored Firing Point

ChKZ - Chelyabinskiy Kirovskiy Zavod - the Kirov Factory in Chelyabinsk.

ChTZ - Chelyabinskiy Traktorniy Zavod - the Tractor Factory in Chelyabinsk.

CMVS - Centralniy Muzei Voorushennikh Sil - Central Museum of the Armed Forces.

DOBROKhIM - Society of Friends of Chemical Defense and Chemical Industry

DOSAAF - Dobrovolhnoe Obxestvo Sodeistvi? Armii Aviacii i Flotu - voluntary society of assistance to army, aviation and navy.

DT - Degtyarev Tankoviy - the machine-gun developed by V.A.Degtyarev.

ENSV - Eesti Nuokogoude Sosialistemaaks Vabariig (Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic).

GAZ - Gorkovskiy Avromobilnij Zavod - the Gorkij Automobile Factory.

GAU - Glavnoe Artilleristkoye Upravlenie - the Chief Artillery Department.

GABTU - Glavnoe Avto-Brone-Tankovoe Upravlenie - the Chief Truck-Armor-Tank Directorate.

GBTU - Glavnoe BroneTankovoe Upravlenie - the Chief Tank Department.

GIRD - Gruppa po Izucheniyu Reaktivnogo Dvizhenia - Group for the Study of Jet Propulsion.

GKB - Glavnoe Konstruktorskoe Buro - the Chief Design Bureau.

GPU - Glavnoye Politicheskoye Upravleniye - State Political Administration (secret police), also see OGPU.

GKO - Gosudarstvennij Komitet Oboroniy - the State Defense Committee.

GOKO - see the GKO.

GULAG - Glavnoe Upravlenie Lagerei - Main Council of Prisoner Camps.

GUVP - Glavnoe Upravlenie Voennoi Promyshlennosti - Main Council of Military Industry.

HTO - Научное и Общество Текникал - Scientific and Tecnical Society.

KA - usually Krasnaya Armiya - Red Army.

KB - Konstruktorskoe Buro - Design Bureau.

KGB - Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti - Committe of State Security

KhPZ - Kharkovskij Parovozostroitelnij Zavod - Kharkov Locomotive Factory.

Komsomol (TsK VLKSM) - A youth political organization.

KVVMU - Kaliningrad Higher Naval School

KVVMY - Red Banner Vladivostok Higher Naval School.

KVZhD - Kitaisko-Vostochnaya Zheleznaya Doroga - the Eastern-Chinese Rail Road.

KTZ - Kirovskij Tankovij Zavod - the Kirov Tank Factory.

LIAP - Leningrad Institute of Aviation Instruments.

MAI - Moscow aviation institute.

MIFI - Moscow Institute of Physics and Engineering.

MMU - Murmansk Maritime School (fishing fleet)

MVIMU - Murmansk Higher School of Navy Engineers.

MODVF - Moscow Society of Friends of the Air-Fleet.

Narkom - Narodniy Komissar - Peoples' Commissar (equal to Minister)

Narkomat - Narodniy Komissariat - Peoples' Commissariat (equal to Ministry).

Narkomfin - People's Commissariat of finance.

Narkomiust - People's Commissariat of justice.

Narkomnats - People's Commissariat for nationalities.

Narkompros - People's Commissariat of education.

Narkomtrud - People's Commissariat of labour.

Narkomvoenmor - Narodniy Komissar po Voennim i Morskim Delam - Peoples' Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs.

NKB - Naucho-konstruktorskoye Byuro - the Research Design Bureau.

NKO - Narodnyi Kommisariat Oborony - the People's Commissariat of Defense.

NKSM - Narodnyi Kommisariat Srednego Mashinostroeniya - the People's Commissariat of the Medium Machine-Building.

NKV - Narodnyi Kommisariat Vooruzhenij - the People's Commissariat of Armaments.

NKVM - Narodnyi Kommisariat Voennogo Mashinostroeniya - the People's Commissariat of the War Machine-Building.

NKVD - Narodnyi Kommisariat Vnutrennikh Del - the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs.

NKTP - Narodij Komissariat Tankovoj Promyslennosti - the People's

Commissariat of the Tank Industry.

NTK - Nauchno-Tekhnicheskiy Komitet - the Scientific-Technical Committee.

OAT - Orudiino-Arsenal'nyi Trest - Artillery Arsenal Trust.

ODVA - Otdel'naya Dalnevostochnaya Armiya - Independent Far East Army.

ODVF - Society of Friends of the Air-Fleet.

OGPU - Ob'edinennoye Glavnoye Politicheskoye Upravleniye - Unified State Political Administration (secret police), also see GPU

OKB - Opytno-Konstruktorskoe Buro - the Pilot Design Bureau.

OKDVA - Osobaya Krasnoznamennaya Dal'nevostochnaya Armiya - ("Special Red Banner Far East Army")

OSOAVIAKhIM - Obshestvo Sodeistviya Oborone, Aviatzionnomy i Khimicheskomy Stroitel'stvu - The Association for Assistance of Defense, Aircraft and Chemical Development.

OTTPP - Otdelniy Tyazhelij Tankovij Polk Proriva - Independent Heavy Tank Breakthrough Regiment (also see TTPP).

PVKhO - Ready for Anti-Aircraft and Chemical Defense.

RGAKFD - Rossijskii Gosudarstvennii Arkhiv Kino-Foto-Dokumentov - Russian State Archive of Films and Photo Documents.

RGAE - Rossijskii Gosudarstvennii Arkhiv Ekonomiki - Russian State Archive of Economy.

RGK - Rezerv Glavnogo Komandovaniya - a Reserve of the High Command.

RKKA - Raboche-Krest'yanskaya Krasnaya Armiya - the Army of Workers and Peasants, or simply the Red Army.

RKKVF - Raboche-Krest'yanskaya Krasnayy Vozdushnyy Flot - Workers' and Peasants' Red Air Force.

RKP(b) - Russian Communist Party (of the bolsheviks).

RKSM - Russian Communist Union of Youth RLKSM from 1924, and VLKSM from 1926.

RSFSR - Rossijskaya Sotsialisticheskaya Federativnaya Sovetskaya Respublika - Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic, one of 15 Soviet republics. Today, it is Russian Federation.

RVS - (or Revvoensovet) Revolutionniy Voennij Sovet - the Revolutionary Military Council.

RVGK - Rezerv Verkhovnogo Glavnokomandovaniya - see RGK.

SAP - Samokhodno-Artillerijskij Polk - the Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment

SKB - Samostoyatelnoe Konstruktorskoe Buro - the Independent Design Bureau

SNK - Sovet Narodnikh Komissarov - the Council of Peoples' Commissars (Council of Ministers) Sovnarkomsee the SNK

STZ - Stalingradskij Traktornij Zavod - the Stalingrad Tractor Factory

TSAP - Tyazhelij Samokhodno-Artillerijskij Polk - the Heavy Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment

TsK VKP(b) - Tsentral'niy Komitet Vsesojuznoi Kommunisticheskoi Partii

(bolshevikov) - the Central Comittee of the All-Union Communist Party (of

bolsheviks), later VKP(b) was renamed to CPSU (Communist Party of the

Soviet Union)

TTPP - Tyazhelij Tankovij Polk Proriva - the Heavy Tank Breakthrough Regiment

TsAKB - Tsentral'noye Artillerijckoe Konstruktorskoe Buro - the Central

Artillery Design Bureau

UZTM - Uralskiy Zavod Tyazhelogo Mashinostroyeniya - the Ural Heavy Machine-Building Factory.

UMMA - or UMM RKKA Upravlenie Motorizatzii i Mekhanizatzii Armii - the Directorate of Mechanization and Motorization of the Red Army.

VChK - All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for combatting counter-revolution and sabotage.

VIKZhEL - All-Union executive committee of railway trade unions.

VIM BTVT - Voenno-Istoricheskij Musej Bronetankovogo Vooruzheniya i Tekhniki - the Military-Historical Museum of Armored Transporters and Tanks.

VKP(b) - All-Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks).

VOAO - Vsesoiuznoe Orudiino-Arsenal'noe Ob'edineniye - All-Union Artillery Arsenal Association.

VOKhR - Voiska Vnutrennei Okhrany Respubliki -Troops of Internal Security of the Republic

VOKS - All-Union society for cultural links with foreign countries.

VSNKh - Vysshiy Sovet Narodnogo Khozyaistva - the Supreme Soviet of the People's Economy.

VTsIK - All-Russian central executive committee.

VTsSPS - All-Russian central council of trade unions.

YaAZ - Yaroslavskij Avtomobilniy Zavod - the Yaroslavskiy Automoblile Factory.

BCXB & BDHX - Exhibition of Successes of the Soviet Agriculture,


OKDVA - Special Red Banner Eastern Army

PVKO - "Ready for Anti-Aircraft and Chemical Defense"?

Komsomol (VLKSM), RKSM..........etc.

HTO - Научное и Общество Текникал - Scientific and Tecnical Society

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