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    OK Jens, about your website, I gotta ask.....which one of these Grabenschweine are you? I'm surprised the museum would let you climb all over their main exhibit. Ausgezeichnet!


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    Great site. I think I met some of you guys at the event in Ieper in May 2001. I was one of the two Germans from the U.S.. My next trip includes the panzer museum, mainly to see the A7V. Is it possible for the casual tourist to enter it and take some pics. Short of going to Canberra to see the real one (maybe someday) this will have to do. If you ever make it over to this side of the pond, I can give you a loaner Gew 98 and put you up with my unit at one of our events. We have sixty acres of trenches, shell holes, and underground bunkers. Check it out . For photos click on "Recreated" and then go to the bottom of the page for a link to the photos.8 Komp./ IR 459

    Dan Murphy

    Edited by Daniel Murphy
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    Thanks guys.

    Daniel, I think if you ask the museums director very friendly you maybe can take a closer look at the A7V. I will add a link to your IR 459, can you also give us a link?

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