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    Phillipine Order of Military Merit


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    Hi all,

    Here's another one I know little about... except that it's beautiful. Sadly when I got it it was missing the lower star. I "substituted" the closest thing I had on hand... a star for a U.S. ribbon bar... as I have a bunch of extras in my parts box.

    Figure it's the next best thing until I can find something closer.





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    I love the combination of the colors on this... gold with green and red and the green and red ribbon.


    I tried to get the pin plate in clear but this was the best I could do. It says:

    "El Oro"

    Military Jeweler

    Jose J. Tupaz, Jr.

    Quezon City, Philipines


    All in all just a beautiful piece. And with a most unusual case. The medal's pin is held on by clips set in the base.

    I also eventually hope to find the ribbon miniature for civilian dress and perhaps a miniature of the medal if one exists.

    Thanks for looking, :cheers:


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    • 9 months later...

    Below is the description of the medal from the AFP Awards and Decorations Handbook, Second Edition 1997, as set forth on the web site of the Office of the Adjutant General of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. It appears that whoever wrote the Wikipedia entry on Philippine medals copied the information from this source, without bothering to give credit or provide a link, in defiance of both common courtesy and Wikipedia policy on sourcing.

    This is awarded by the Chief of Staff, AFP, Area Command and Major Service Commanders, Division and major subordinate unit commanders with a TO [table of organization] rank of Brigadier General or higher, to military personnel of the AFP for heroic achievement in combat or meritorious achievement for service not involving participation in combat, in connection with military operations against an enemy of the Philippines; for a single act of meritorious service either in a duty responsibility or in direct support of military operation.

    The required achievement or service for award of MMM [Military Merit Medal] is less than that required for award of the DSS [Distinguished Service Star]; nevertheless, it should be accomplished with distinction.

    It may be awarded posthumously to members of the AFP, who, while serving in any capacity with the AFP, are killed in action by the enemy of the Philippines, or as a direct result of an act of the enemy.

    The medal is in the form of equilateral triangle in red with the golden star attached to its tip. The Philippine sun in gold with eight (8) pointed sunburst is placed at the center of the triangle. The wreath consisting of green laurel leaves is superimposed by the triangle.

    The sun symbolizes the Philippine islands: the three stars represent the three major islands of the country: and the wreath stands for honor received.

    The ribbon has three crimson stripes in the center interlined alternately against the green background.

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