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    Everybody knows Ernst J?nger. I have the chance to met him personaly before his death. In France there was an "esposition sur Ernst J?nger" and he gave his steel helmet, the Pour le M?rite and several orders he had.

    I have read all the books written by him and several books written about him. But there is no mention about the date he received the iron cross 2nd class. Does anyone have the date please ?

    He received

    EK2 : ???

    EK1 : 16.12.1916

    HHO3X : 4.12.1917

    PlM : 18.9.1918

    Verwundetenabz. in Gold : 1.8.1918.

    Thanks for your help



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    I'm afraid I don't know the date Christophe ... at the moment I am just reading through "Storm of Steel". What an eye opener this book is.

    I have my Great Uncle's diaries of his experiances from the British side of the war. The same sort of things seem to occure on both sides of the fence .... in other words you tried to look after youself.

    I will be looking out for the other publications of Jungers books ... a good comparison.

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