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    recently received these from a close friend and long time

    collector who purchased them from a vet at an OMSA show

    many moons ago....

    yeah, yeah, i know.... don't buy the story, but they

    are all similar quality/condition.

    the bavarian-style wrap is UNBELIEVABLY well done,

    and not done justice by this jpeg.

    a very brave Oldenberg EM/NCO?

    thoughts/comments welcome!


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    Great group. Since you know where it came from, I have no problem accepting it as a group. As you know there are many reasons for the for the mixture of bravery awards and a HK sans swords. Wounded and sat out the rest of the war in a non-combattant unit, for example.

    Dan Murphy

    Edited by Daniel Murphy
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    Nice Group Joe!

    Daniel, that would mean that when he WAS at the front...he did a hell of alot! earning three bravery awards before getting his wound...

    Must be a great story behind this guy...



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