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    HJ Golden Leaders sports badge

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    To qualify to wear this badge HJ leaders had to already hold the HJ

    proficiency badge in silver and score highly in a annual sporting event

    "fuhrerzehnkampf" comprising of 10 sporting activities.


    The mini......


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    The badge above was manufactured by Gustav Brehmer. Brehmer also made

    National Trade Competition badges. Note the same circular wreaths used

    between the Golden leaders badge and their National trade comp badges.


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    Thank you for the prompt reply. The reason I asked is that I have about a "half size" version of the standard silver badge and this is issue numbered on the reverse.

    Anyway - - still a very nice set.

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    Nice badges Bob.

    I see these days some dealers asking near $1000 mark for the full size and mini

    badges together. ohmy.gif

    Does anyone have the HJ leaders Sportbuch to show?

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    Thanks to Gerd I've now found this interesting forum. Some names I recognize and I'm looking forward to having an opportunity to meet some new friends smile.gif

    As for the mini-badge, I've only seen it with Brehmer mm and I suppose they were the only manufacturer. If this is a false assumption, please correct me.

    I would like to add an obsevation I've made between the two sizes and it's illustrated below. It's all about the angles of the slash and the ones. These differences have been consistant on all badges I've seen illustrated.



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