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    DSWA Bayonets

    I am going to play devils advocate here ... do we know it is a DSWA bayonet? It is not a unit marking I expect to see on a DSWA bayonet, and having found North Korean Medals in a junk store in Kuwait, and the British 14-18 War Medal to a Belgian agent in the market at Marrakesh... I am always open to the fact that Militaria moves in strange ways... So I am not sure either way... just leaving a door open that this may have wandered out there after WW1, as a souvenier from the western front....
  2. A couple of pics...Like the two different jackets on this one...
  3. The local hardware store has some great frames that are very easy to modify to make great frames.... Bit by bit I will reframe my groups.... The first frame has two groups to Bavarian Leib Regiment men who fought at Fleury. For anyone interested in the battle of Verdun, Fleury is one of the most important and bloody parts of the battlefield. The top group is a silver bravery medal group to Hans Mennacher the lower group to Franz Zwieknagel.... The Edelweiss with Zwieknagels group is a post WW1 Leib Regiment veterans Edelweiss.
  4. I have just bought a small photo album, not very good condition, maybe 20% military and 80% family and house.... Would it be morally ok to take out the military pages and mount them in protective binders? Or does one have to be pious and keep it all together?
  5. They are really glued in solidly. I would transplant the entire pages.
  6. Chris Boonzaier


    I am no expert and do not know why the shield and sword is on the scroll, but the first one looks Italian made ? Maybe 1944, 1945?
  7. Here is my best .... More details here... http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/49145-bavarian-gold-bravery-medal-group/?hl=riethmann#entry452231
  8. Ooooppps... if I tried to avoid buying beer mugs... I REALLY wanted to avoid buying pipes.....
  9. .... makes an Ebay buy that much sweeter....... :-)
  10. The Friedrich Genthe one is of course the most important....
  11. I had originally missed out on the commander Photo, but was offered it after the auction.... I missed some great pics, but got the most important ones for me.....
  12. OK... here it is.... I do not know if I can top this in 2019.....
  13. Well.... Its about fricking time! That was like dangling my junk at the beach and no senoritas swooning in awe .....
  14. Some guys are very, very, very brave... and In the eye of the storm (25 June 1916 at Fleury for example) They get buried by shellfire, dig themselves out, then under heavy shellfire they dig their comrade out, then report to their CO and insist they are still fit for duty, go back into the battle to find the unit relieving then and guide that unit into position kinda Brave... ... and some of us are brave enough to buy a superb group... no matter what the hell the wife has to say 'bout it.... I was the 2nd kind of brave this week.....
  15. Here is a small selection of machinegunner EK docs :-)
  16. The seller lists them as such, so just for reference... many bad things here .. including the date of the award of the wound badge... https://www.ebay.de/itm/Urkunden-EK-VWA-Eisernes-Kreuz-Verwundetenabzeichen/163523478810?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140725133650%26meid%3D81092724e21f448ca2d4042a35156f22%26pid%3D100276%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D4%26sd%3D223356332488%26itm%3D163523478810&_trksid=p2060778.c100276.m3476
  17. Hi, ich habe mich gefreut die zu bekommen... schade das ich die Urkunden verpasst habe... den Pass war bei ein händler in Gunzenhausen.
  18. Wow.... that is a fantastic group indeed!!!! I am jealous as hell! :-)
  19. On the 16th of April 1917 the Russian Expeditionary Force attacked near Courcy / Fort Brimont. The attack was decimated by the men of the Gruppe Brimont... The 2 Russian Brigades on tghe Aisne suffered losses of over 4500 men. After the Battle the Russian troops mutinied Vizefeldwebel Jäger was awarded the Iron Cross 1st class. The back of the cross was lightly engraved with his name and unit, obviously a well worn field piece the engraving is almost no longer readable... I assume the engraving was not "for show" but for praticle purposes incase he lost it.... much of the engraving was erased when the cross was repaired... So a hard worn cross to a really well healed unit... the French losses in the offensive were horrendous....