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  1. I think these are pretty cool... notice the detail on the tiny cross in the cockade, and the cockade with splints and holes!!!!
  2. Hi, nice blades! Are the boots original?? All the best Chris
  3. Does anyone know what this is? Private purchase I guess.... but the top pockets seem to be totally useless? Being worn by a member of the 10th Reserve Jäger Battalion....
  4. Hi Uwe,, as always, thanks a million, your efforts are really appreciated. All the best Chris
  5. OK, Shell splinter, Eye damage? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Chris
  6. Hi, I realise this is a lot, but I am having problems making any progress... if someone has a lot of time... I would need it in German.... Thanks Chris
  7. Time Left: 20 days and 22 hours

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    Hi, start your collection of 1870 EK pics! Some really nice ones, and all for EUR100 for the lot!


  8. Hi, he has both cockades. The photo is dated 1917 in Romania.
  9. Hi, Does anyone know what this blue Crusher was meant for? Obviously not for the regular Blue tunic.... Could it be for the litewka? Thanks Chris
  10. Indeed, but would they have worn a stiff Schirmmütze in the field, or a more floppy one? And secondly, was a Reitmütze only for mounted Cavalry officers, or for all officers mounted on a horse (Infantry, Artillery etc.) Best Chris
  11. Here is a question..... I have seen photos of prewar excercises with infantry officers on horseback.... when they arrived at the evening bivouak, would they have worn a stiff cap? Then this photo of officers with litewka on the range.... also lower brimmed caps?
  12. " I have lost track at how many times I have told my wife that a pending purchase was a “once in a lifetime” find. I seem to have, she’s reflected on many occasions, more “lifetimes” than a cat. " do we share a wife????????
  13. Hi Guys, it is indeed much lighter than a regular one. You can literally fold it into your pocket. The seller was sneaky, he did not mention the color in the description, and in the photos it looked Field Grey!! I suppose if I find a cavalry collector I may be able to trade it... Best Chris
  14. Dave beat me to the list, what would also be interesting would be if someone had received an EK2 on a white ribbon, but them went into the army and recieved an EK1 for military operations..... would technically be possible I think? I think there may be an age factor there though....
  15. Technically possible, but it would be very rare...
  16. .... makes an Ebay buy that much sweeter....... :-)
  17. Hi, this is not one I know... are they wearing something Austrian?
  18. HI, but at least the other unofficial ones are German!
  19. Hi, I did not know it was one of the "accepted" ones for bavarians? I guess even less official than the 11th Bav Inf Div etc.?
  20. HI, I think the Prussian Garde had relieved the Bavarians and where there the day the French captured the village.
  21. Time Left: 10 days and 6 hours

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    Looking for anything related to the Bavarian Leib Regiment ... top prices paid, or trades of all kinds....