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  1. This is the bar belonging to Doctor Fritz Erbse, He was a native of Rudolstadt, .... The order is of course crazy, but seems professionally and period mounted? He was born in 1875, so would have been over 60 when this was mounted, and no longer serving in any capacity... so the military control of how they are mounted would not have existed... but there must have been some kind of rhyme or reason behind it. I do not know the origins of the bar, it is however a unique combination and the previous owner was able to identify it quite easily. I am not a diehard "believe the piece, not the story"... and I am pretty convinced that no collector would ever, ever, ever have made such errors if they had mounted it for some "faker" purpose, it is simply totally way out there.... but after examining it, I think it is mounted as worn.... obviously not on an army uniform... maybe redcross... Any thoughts welcome..... Here is his Iron Cross
  2. Hi, What are these exactly? I got them from a guy who told me they are Rhodesian.... but some time ago someone else said the Rhodies did not have metal ones....
  3. Folks.... watch this space. Within 3 days I hope to post the ultimate holy grail of fighting EKs... either that or a photo of myself crying and cursing... Either one will be worth the wait.... Just to get your anticip-p-p-p-p-pation up and running.....
  4. I was wondering if it was a possible way of explaining why it is on the extreme right of the bar, 2 possibilities I could think of 1) As a Schwarzburg native, maybe he had it extreme right so it would be first if he wore it with a Frack? 2) Maybe he wore the bar in this form on civilian/SA/Redcross occasions but with the schwarzburg cross in the buttonhole (in the same way bavarian Bravery medal did) and added it late in life after removing some vereins medal 3) or maybe it is just because some things cannot really be explained, people simply do crazy sht.
  5. Hi, just to help finishing a write up.... was the Schwarzburger Kreuz one of the awards which could be worn in the buttonhole?
  6. Chris Boonzaier

    The "dude"....

    Pretty cool collection right there on his chest..... He is with the REP GCP
  7. Chris Boonzaier

    The "dude"....

    Brevet military Professional Elementry, 1st and 2nd class
  8. Here is a neat little pile of regt Königin things... I think the loose crowns are part of the shoulder board setup....
  9. Chris Boonzaier

    The "dude"....

    HI, The CIB can be awarded to foreigners attached to the US if I am not mistaken. In the FFL you cannot wear stuff awarded before you joined the legion, unless it was regular French army awards. If I remember right he was awarded the CIB for actions with the yanks in Afghanistan. Only a small number of them got it because they were directly involved with the US troops
  10. Chris Boonzaier

    The "dude"....

    Hi, sorry, I explained wrong. The award can be given to a unit, but that does not mean the individual soldier gets the cross... The individual soldier only gets the cross on his medal bar when he has a personal citation. If it is a unit award the colors of the unit get it, and the guys serving in the unit get the Fourragere once the unit has gained the right. Hi, there are Bronze, silver and gold. BMPE, BMP1, BMP2... Usually the rule of thump is a Cpl gets the Bronze about 6 months after his Cpl course. The Silver is for a Sgt or Chief Cpl who is qualified to carry out a Sgt or squad leader duties and the Gold for higher NCOs qualified as Platoon leaders. The official regulations are probably different, but that is more or less how it is in an Infantry company.
  11. Here is a nice one, hand embroidered Crown, for a 1 Year Voluteer... went way over what I had hope to pay... but i had to have it........
  12. If I understand correctly, thgey were kind of a watch fob, worn on the pocket watch, or on the pocket watch chain. As they do not seem to be very praticle, I assume they were more of the keepsake....
  13. Chris Boonzaier

    The "dude"....

    Hi, the cross is always an individual award, not a unit award. The highest level is the palms, then Gold star, silver star and Bronze star.
  14. Chris Boonzaier

    The "dude"....

    Hi, He was cited at Army level. Best Chris
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    Interesting CIB Photo....

    This is a pretty cool pic......
  16. A chance find today.... I bought the photo Album of a Bavarian Nurse. Most of the photos are of Soldiers she met at the hospital, but a few are from her brother.... A bit of research shows he was in the 2nd schneeschuh Battalion, then transfered to the Leib Regiment in July 1916... and in the end he was a Lt d.R. and Officers Leiberring recipient..... Unfortunately no Leib Regiment photos of him in the album....
  17. Hi, can anyone guess his branch of service? I am guessing he is back home after being wounded and it may be the blue litewka?
  18. As some of you know, I have had to take a bit of a time out from the hobby and have not had much time to update the site and work on my various projects…. I am happy to announce I am more or less “back”… I had the intention of doing a volume covering German Iron Cross documents 1914-1918 and invested many hundreds of hours in this project over the last few years. It has been a long path that has provided me with much pleasure as I have enjoyed the work. However, reality bites and I have decided to shelve that project for numerous reasons and shift my goals. My main interest has been award documents and photos to the various Bavarian infantry regiments and Alpenkorps, and I have decided to tackle this subject as it is a more realistic goal. My intention is to do a Bavarian volume covering: 1) Iron Cross documents 2) Militärpass 3) Photos 4) Postcards 5) Related militaria (Shoulder boards, headgear, Medals, unit related badges etc) I would like to cover Bavarian Infantry, Bavarian Reserve Infantry, Alpenkorps (Bavarian and non Bavarian Jäger) I believe the project will have realistic limits and hopefully be of interest to enough collectors to warrant the effort. I am exchanging ideas with a gentleman who has quite some experience in this field and hope to get him OB with the project. I would welcome any comments of thoughts the community may have about the project… worth doing?
  19. Chris Boonzaier

    Somme related items

    1st day of the Somme, casualty on the other side of the wire... The RIR99 was at Thiepval, the 3rd company just to the south west in the Granatloch. The Highland light infantry broke into their lines and wiped out most of the company in hand to hand fighting.
  20. I really believe it is a case of "Each to his own" when it comes to collecting. Every collector has the right to decide what turns his particular crank and collecting EKs according to maker mark is just as valid as collecting award documents according to battle. What often suprises me howeve... is how very few people actually collect iron cross documents from WW1. They are not those (yawn) boring WW2 ones that all look alike.... they come in all hapes and colors, many print variations, provide endless opportunity for research..... they ARE a central part of the EK theme.... but dont attract neary as many collectors as the crosses themselves. Is it because of the language barrier? There must be SOME reason why paper leaves so many colletors cold.
  21. Chris Boonzaier

    Document help needed

    Hi, there seems to have been a decree in about 1916 that guys wounded enough to have been invalided out of the service recieved an EK2, I have seen this in quite a few groups, even guys wounded in August 1914 badly enough to be invalided out. I do not see a trend to award the EK as an ersatz for a wound badge for regular wounds. POWs accounted for a good number of awards, For the "catch up" awards, applicants had to provide some proof that they deserved it, witnessed by officers of their unit. Best Chris
  22. I just bought a lightbox on ebay and have started photographing my cloth headgear... here are the first ones...... Next next next next