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  1. 99 years ago today the 3rd Company of the ILR ceased to exist...... An EK document to one of the 8 survivors... and a write up..... http://kaiserscross.com/69501/620601.html
  2. OK, Shell splinter, Eye damage? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Chris
  3. I realise it is a post war award.... but I was wondering... why on earth did they award a Kampfwagen Badge? In WW2 it was different,,, Panzer, Infantry, Arty/Pionier... they all had their own assault badge, and well deserved they were.... But in WW1... seriously... why bother? Its not like the German armoured troops were any huge success.... and the Infantry, Arty, Machine Gunners, Pioniers, Sturmtruppen etc. etc fought way harder and accomplished much more.... So what made some guy in 1921 decide that the Tankers deserved a badge all of their own? Its a bit like not tipping anyone at a restaurant except the guy who peels the carrots....
  4. Hi, What are these exactly? I got them from a guy who told me they are Rhodesian.... but some time ago someone else said the Rhodies did not have metal ones....
  5. Looks like a nice front made swagger stick?
  6. Yeah, they obviously recognized the future potential... but as far as actual achievement... am I maybe underestimating the role of the German tanks in WW1? Whereas British and French tanks seem to have left a lasting impression in German regimental histories, the small amount of German Armour seems to barely have left an impression on the allied literature. Basically what I think is, the super sexy badge is all out of proportion to their role in the war. Sturmtruppen, Artillery close combat batterie, flamethrowers... all were just as exciting and all played a muuuch bigger role... I am glad the badge was instituted, find it really interesting.... and we will probably have to end up agreeing to disagree... but I find it strange that it was ever officially approved.
  7. It is a nice pass, Leibregiment, verdun, the Edelweiss entered into it..... but the 1918 entry hides something very interesting (can be seen in the entry, no further research needed....) Anyone see it? :-)
  8. Hi, The book follows Rommel's personal experiences which were for most of the war, and for all of his high points the gebirgsschützen. I dont have my copy with me, but I think if you remove the Gebirgs parts you have about enough left for a newspaper article?
  9. What interests me is what kind of Lobby they must have had. Almost all the Reichswehr officers would have been Artillery and Infantry guys.... who get nada... but a special award is created for 99 tankers? How popular was that suggestion?? Remembering, when Rommel wrote his book, he did not call it "Gebirgsschützen greift an!" (Although his fame was because of his actions with the Gebirgs troops)... he realized that it was too elitist and may turn off the potential ex infantryman reader... so he called it "Infanterie greifft an!"
  10. Ahhh... he did??? Damn.... now I need one for my 1. GzF collection!!!!!!
  11. Hi, But the pilot badge was a qualification badge. if you qualified as a pilot, you got a badge. If a qualified as a truck driver you had a job.... However the Tank badge required you to have 3 actions... i.e. an award for combat... not as a qualification.... so no Parallel to the Pilot. And as 9 men could be killed with a shell... ditto for the infantry, a thousand times over in the war. And as for having no time during the war... the Tank badge was postwar, so if they had time for the tanks, why not for the infantry. The only Parallel I find is the U-Boot badge, but the U-Boots part in the war was waaaaaaaay bigger than the tankers.... I understand your thinking, but it still does not settle it for me.... it seems to be very much an "extrawürstchen" badge... :-(
  12. Nice blades! I wish I had a 02!
  13. Citations for Belgian Decorations

    I agree, the allies handed out a crate of medals to other allies which were then distributed according to the recieving nations norm. i.e. I have a certificate for a French soldier who recieved a british DCM, with a French style citation. I read an account of a bunch of Russian awards sent to be awarded to South African troops serving in German East Africa, they were awarded without any citations, apparently the criteria were overlooked and the higher officers were given the most impressive looking ones and the lower ranks the more boring ones, irrespective of the normal award criteria....
  14. Hi, I am assuming the Official award was returnable, but the Minis were private purchase and therefor private property.
  15. OK, the hidden point of intrest is the posting to the Nachrichten Offizier der O.H.L.. While Nachrichten is usually Signals troops the "Nachrichten Offizier der O.H.L" was the fledgling Military Intel branch attached to the different Armee Korps...
  16. The "Cafard", Suicide in the Legion, 1916

    http://www.kaiserscross.com/40312/617301.html A sad little group, I am glad to have given it a home....
  17. The pointy end..... my favourite dagger.....

    I really love these and have finally traded for one..... It is a design that should really have continued... cheap and cheerful... an "Avenger of 1870" knife.....
  18. OK, the title is corny.... sue me.... tell your lawyer I am hiding behind the woodpile.....
  19. Visit the puff.... and drink lots of beer...... then play football until its time to drink beer again..... :-)
  20. It depends on what you buy. In this case it was alpenkorps Jäger delight... Bavarian Jäger, 10. Jäger and 14. Jäger.... I could have afforded them from the collector (maybe)... but they are top premium items in almost mint condition (Uniforms and Tchakos)... I will not be able to afford them from Weitze as they will be top price... but someone earning more than me will buy them because you will never see that quality and in that condition again... it is all relative to your budget. My experiance has often been walking around a show with my bag of things to trade or sell, going to all the collector-Dealers and smaller dealers and having to hear from all of them why my prices are way more than they would ever pay... then landing at the Weitze table and getting almost what I asked without any big discussion... Its a double edged sword ;-)
  21. I know the spiked Helmet is Saxon... its just a place holder.....
  22. Hi, He collected for 50-60 years, he had fantastic stuff he recieved directly from the Vets in the 50s and 60s... I think it would be impossible to build up a collection like that today...
  23. Very nice indeed! Is the cammo origianl?
  24. Hi, the pic looks Austrian? Best Chris