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  1. I really like these.... a Private Purchase, and what seems to be an issue one. I am betting the issue one was used as a service dress in the ersatz Battalion during the war as it is a bit "used"... the buttons have been moved a bit as the last guy to wear it had more belly than the original wearer....
  2. ... have just recieved their hats..... The Bluse and Kleiner Rock are both with names and documents... but today I recieved the caps from a really advanced Bavarian Artillery collector.... A nice crusher for the Bluse and a high peak for the kleiner Rock... another piece of the puzzle added....
  3. The buckle is Bavarian, as are the buttons, the one ammo pouch and map case typical for bicycle troops... and it looks like a 1 on the shoulder... so I am guessing a really early pic of the radfahrer company 1st Jäger battalion, before they split off to join Radfahrer battalions?
  4. He may have caught a bullet carrying that fish elsewhere....
  5. Interesting!! I have a number of RIR87 things, I never knew they had lost their colors
  6. Indeed yes... It is probably not a Non Combattant, most soldiers in WW1 did not recieve the EK2, but for some reason we see more medal bars with the WW1 EK and hindie ribbon than we do with just the Hindie.
  7. Hi, left is the WW2 EK2 (EK Iron Cross) then WW2 KVK2 (War service cross) then on the right is the Hindy (Actually the "Honor cross for frontfighters or war participants" also known as the Hindenburg Cross... or Hindy/Hindie)
  8. Of course it is not rare, but nice to see a Hindie with this combination... we usually expect a WW1 EK....
  9. OK, found it, WW1, It is in Geissler's book on page 175
  10. This came with a WW1 group, with a bit of WW2 stuff.... However... I am wondering if it may be a WW2 era box? The reason that I think it may be is that the inside has the 3 dimensional stamped cardboard shape under the cross which I tend to think makes it more like WW2 technology? Any thoughts? Thanks Chris
  11. Oberst Wilhelm Edenhofer He cycled through various units, and in the last month of the war commanded the 1 bavarian Jäger Brigade in the Alpenkorps... :-)
  12. I am guessing qualification for the service stopped in 94 and guys who qualified for the medals could still apply until 2003 if they had not yet received it? AUTO BIOGRAPHY OF REAR ADMIRAL SINSY NDESHI BAMBA NGHIPANDUA Rear-Admiral Sinsy Ndeshi Bamba Nghipandua, born on 08 August 1960 at Omundunduvillage, Ohangwena Region, is the current Namibian Navy Commander since 1st September 2017.Prior to his Appointment he occupied the following positions:•2009-2017: Commander Naval Operations•2005-2009: Commanding Officer Naval Base, Walvis Bay•2002-2005: Ship Captain NPV ORYX•2000-2002: Second in Command to the Brazilian Navy as a ship Captain under-instruction•1995-1998: Attending the Naval Surface Warfare Course (Deck) in Brazil as the first officers who established the NDF Maritime Wing•1990-1995: Staff Officer 3 Military Intelligence Branch DHQRear-Admiral Nghipandua joined the liberation struggle in 1978 at the age of 17. He received his military education in the former USSR, Cuba and in the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Admiral Ngipandua has also held several command and staff appointments during the liberation struggle of Namibia.His Military training includes:•Command and Staff Course and NDC programme in Kenya •Naval Senior Staff Course in USA•Naval Officers Formative Course in Brazil•Junior Staff Course (BMATT)•Recce Training in Lubango, Angola•Intelligence and Special Operations in Cuba•Counter Intelligence•Advance military LawAdmiral Nghipandua holds Bachelor of Technology in Business Administration from the University of South Africa and a National Diploma in public administration from the then Polytechnic of Namibia. He has also attended various course such as The Caris Lots (Law of the Sea); the UN Trainers on Peace Support Operations (PSO); the Executive Course in Defence Management as well as the Executive Course in PSO management with the university of Witwatersrand.Rear-Admiral Bamba Nghipandua is decorated with the following medals:•Namibia’s Independence medal•Meritorious Services (10) years’ services medal
  13. The Blue enamel pins are still awarded today at Lufthansa, but just the round bit without the eagle. If I remember correctly there is the basic blue one (for everyone) then one gold ring, then two gold rings, then one with inversed colors... i.e. the badge is gold with blue rings.
  14. Indeed... I am rearranging the collecting room, but will take a pic of my budding krug collection soon :-)
  15. Hi, I just had a long conversation with Wolfgang Gult ;-) ... here is what I found out.... he said absolutely typical of a Krug around 1900 and earlier. The Ludwig II pics were almost a tradition, he was the "rock star" of his era and is a popular image up until today. After his death he still appeared everywhere as he was well loved, and on Krugs long after his death. The sites who mention the LII pics on fakes do not mean they were not very comman back then, but rather they are also very often used now, (IMHO an unfortunate formulation). The lid is fine, pusher included, the boring "pointy" lids are also typical of the pre 1900 Krugs... they had by then started with more decorative ones and later you basically only find the nicer lids, but this early it was normal to have a pointy, this being the classic with minor variations over the years. Many Krug collectors pass these early ones by, but apparently there are collectors who concentrate on them as there was more hand work involved back then, the later Krugs having more print with less painting than the earlier ones. These earlier ones have all the specifics (Regt, Name etc) all painted on. The earlier Krugs did in fact have a standard motif that was then adapted by hand by the painter, so the same Krug can be found for the Leib Regt and any other Infantry Regiment... the later Krugs (beginning 20th Century) began to add specific things for different Regiments /Preprinted carracks, Shoulder Boards etc...). So all is fine, this is a boring late 19th century one, most literature and collectors ignore them and concentrate on the "next Generation" 20th century ones... And I got an invite to visit and see his Private museum. I will use it to drink a beer tonight and retire it to its shelf ;-)
  16. Hi, I am open to all suggestions, Am just collecting all thoughts I have read. One collector said the 1913 and 1915 disc grenades are different sizes, this being the smaller one, quite a few are for ammo pouches.
  17. Hi, apparently for the small diskus grenades, the larger ones will not fit.
  18. Very possible indeed, I just noticed i have another from the same era, also with L II... but painted in a very different color scheme... maybe someone had made way to many before LII died and there were still enough for years to come...
  19. I will ask, I am assuming the picture at the bottom is not necessarily the reigning monarch... maybe L II was instantly recognizable and a symbol of Bayern? Even today he is the most recognizable of the lot...
  20. Sometimes it was something like a Soldier from State XXX served in a Bavarian regiment, and got State XXX awards as well Sometimes a Regiment fought under the command of a different Division for a certain action, i.e. a Prussian Regiment under a Bavarian Division commander... and they got Bavarian awards for that action Some small units were pushed backwards and forwards under different divisions or General kommandoes not of their own state (Ammunition columns, field hospitals etc) and they got awards from the different states commands they fell under Some like the Bavarian 21st IR were named for someone like Großherzog Friedrich Franz IV. of Mecklenburg Schwerin who then visited and distributed medals... Those are the ways I can think of off the top of my head
  21. Hi, will get a pic done tonight. You had me so worried I was about to smash the Krug in frustration for buying a fake, but in the end I sent the pics to the gentleman who runs the Page you linked to above with the fake article. http://www.reservistenkrugsammler.de/Kopien_Faelschungen.php He confirms it is original. " Ihr Reservistenkrug ist ein Originalkrug, welcher aber Bodenrisse hat, was eine Preisminderung bedeutet. Der Soldat hat sich den Krug vielelicht nach seiner Entlassung machen lassen, weshalb der Krug keine Namensleiste hat. Der Krug ist aber trotzdem ein Original Reservistenkrug. " From what i understand, the krugs with the names of comrades etc are usually 20th century, when a system evolved and the Krugs got better. In the 1890s it was not that advanced and soldiers had them made after their service, with usually much more simple and old fashioned "Boring" Krugs. Phew... I was looking at my krugs and thinking "If THAT one is bad... then so is this one! and this one1" ;-)
  22. It arrived yesterday, it is kosher, but boring... has the hand painted details and all the good signs. By coincidence I found another of my older ones has the same Bodenbild but completely different Malerei. I guess they used old stocks of Blanko porcelain...
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