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  1. I think he was wounded twice, both times in 1918, so still a black wound badge.
  2. The Ausmarch photo was often meant to be the photo your family would remember you by if you died in action.... Sometimes I wonder if the girlfriend had the say her - here, lets put some flowers on him - actually... I prefer it without... her - but the spike is so butch looking... c'mon, just a few flowers him - what if someone laughs?? her - please honey bunch... don't you want to please your widdle, widdle wabbit? Him - okay, just hope I don't get killed and this is the last pic of me!!!!
  3. Hi, here are two shots with guys wearing a buckle without the motto... I am guessing they used old police ones because of lack of material? notice the upside down buckle on the right in the first pic......
  4. Maaannn... I was so tempted to buy this.... it is for the 59th Inf Regt... a pretty large badge... I can only assume it is pre WW1 or during the war? I dont think they were big on Veteran associations there after the war.... I cannot find another example anywhere.... Pity it is not bavarian... https://www.ebay.de/itm/unbekanntes-Abzeichen-Auszeichnung/202400544226?hash=item2f200335e2:g:bCUAAOSwPyBZtXu5
  5. I thought this was pretty interesting.... imagine this was the RESERVE infantry Regt 16.... This cards was sent to an Austrian Newspaper with a group of volunteers from vienna
  6. Hi, the uni colored one is from the 60s, marking the 150th birthday of the regiment, the one with the crown is probably just postwar, for the veterans of the LeibRegiment
  7. This is from a family stash (not found by me) The guy served before the war, I am guessing he was a reservist at the outbreak, then continued in the Verein after the war. i have no idea where he served during the war. We see the typical Leib Regt Rosette top right, then a variation with a starbust rosette... some crown removed from shoulderboards, at the bottom a row of medaillon for participating in fiels excersises 1905-1910... in the miiddle a rosette with its crown loose, and a harp in its place, I am thinking maybe for members of the regt band... all in all a nice "stash"... I wih I had the guys name....
  8. I am not sure if this is a training pic, but on the back it says it is an attack in the Argonne
  9. A couple of pics...Like the two different jackets on this one...
  10. Indeed... there were many associations... but I really do not see anyone riffing on a copy of Hitlers dogtag back then. I stick with the thought this is a modern fake.
  11. At a brief first glance this looked to be OK..... Then I looked on ancestry to see who number 148 in the 1st company was.... ...so it is fake......
  12. The wife and I been married for about 22 years.... I think she deserves a medal as well! ;-)
  13. Chris Boonzaier

    Vietnam time capsule! eBay snag !

    Very nice indeed! Was the seller one of the kids mentioned?
  14. I will go with faked, I dont see it as a thing the Kameradeschafts would really have gone for :-)
  15. Hi, many parts of the wood were barely touched by the battle, even today you find paerts were everything was flattened, and 1KM further parts where the trenches are still 2 m deep and barely a shellhole. According to the notation on the back this must have been in the "Fille Morte " area, no date.
  16. A very nice shot with grenade bags, wire cutters etc. etc. Hard to read the back, but I got the "Dear Mother, look after the photo, do not give it to anyone, it may be a last sign of life"... the rest is really hard to read... cannot figure out the guys name....
  17. A Sturmtrupp of the 1st Marine Inf Regt in August 1918, "In the new positions"
  18. I am trying to figure out if a Leutnant, promoted to Oberl. in 1915 (I think) Von Hadeln is the same man called "Von Harlin" in a book written by a south African just after WW1. From what I can see, it must be the same guy. The region is the same, along the Southern border of Namibia in the area under the command of Vn Kleist, and involved with the South African rebels in 1914-15. Does anyone know if there is a Von harlin on the Schutztruppe roll ? If not I can assume its the same guy.
  19. Chris Boonzaier

    The Pilgrimage of the Gold Star Mothers to Europe

    I am getting old and grey and my back is bending... otherwise all is OK ;-) ...welcome back!
  20. Chris Boonzaier

    The Pilgrimage of the Gold Star Mothers to Europe

    Nice looking badge! Looks like a lawmans badge at first glance....
  21. Chris Boonzaier

    Vietnam time capsule! eBay snag !

    Did you manage to snag the rest of the group?
  22. Waht was the connection between the bFAR7 and mountain troops?