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  1. That is some piece! Can we see the photograph of the former owner?
  2. Is that a feltt washer at the crossguard? Were these not used on dress bayonets only?
  3. No, not copying a pickelhaube, but much more likley to be a copy of a GB Life Guards helmet.
  4. Don't you just hate it when that 'Can't do a photograph right now' comes up and then nothing else appears! Yes, and old thread, but it would be nice to see the photographs having one of these 'keine magnetish' ones myself...
  5. I guess that this group might be a staff officer seconded for service in Germany and so a non combattants EKII as that is a Ehrenkreuz für Kriegsteilnehmer...
  6. Real or fake

    Just for starters, let's see the back!
  7. The curse of photobucket has struck so I cannot see these...
  8. Hi Tony, Yes I saw that site - and one of the photographs at the start page does show some uniformed official with an SA member, and the former seems to have something on his Ehrenkreuz ribbon, possibly crossed swords. But, basically, yes - more 'bling' was required by the owner of my pair! Julian Eric, How are these? Do they help in anyway? Julian
  9. Thanks Eric, I'll try and get new photographs of the EK on line later today - when I find my camera! - but yes, a partial stamp for 'WUS' is a good explanation. I gather that there were quite a few EK makers and that not all have been conclusively identified, but Joh.Wagner und Sohn of Berlin were noted retailers of medals, etc.. The Ehrenkreuz, by the way, has what I gather is a common maker's mark - 'O.6' for Orden-Herstellergemeinschaft - Pforzheim Any thoughts, by the way, on the use of Kyffhäuserbund swords on the Ehrenkreuz ribbon on an Ordnensspange? I have seen other examples like this on the web, in collections and in 'for sale' adverts... I can understand why a man would have these crossed swords on the ribbon on a Feldspange but why on an Ordensspange when the recipient's category of Ehrenkreuz medal would be clearly visible from the medal itself? Jullian
  10. Will this one below do to be going on with? I'll try and gets ones of the cross alone tomorrow or at the weekend. Also, any thoughts on the use of the Kyffhäuserbund swords on the Ehrenkreuz ribbon? These were not needed to show the man's combatant status as the medal did that. As the medals are easily detachable from the ribbon bar, I did wonder if they were for when the ribbon bar was worn by itself to show the recipient's status as a Frontkampfer recipient of the Ehrenkreuz. I have seen other examples like this. Julian
  11. Thanks Tony, Yes I periodically step into the kaiserbunker as it is an excellent general source on the very many things I know nowt about - I am a WW1 German bayonet collector really! Could be a 'WS' - but I have no idea as to which way they stamped the things! I was reading from outside in but I guess it could be from inside out?
  12. Hi! I recently came by a WW1 EK II, and have been trying to find out through the magic of G**gle who the maker might be (assuming it is real!), but with no luck. It looks to be "SA", but never having looked at any of these things before, and not finding anything on the web, I'd appreciate any help from pals out there!
  13. Photo 3: They are pretty certainly M.69 Werder bayonets introduced 1869, not 1868 (!), and look to be the original unaltered version with the full quillon and round finial at the end, and so not adapted to the M.69 aptiert specification of December 1975. Note also that Werder bayonets were still around in Bavarian stocks in 1914, although clearly this photograph is not that late! Trajan
  14. Thanks. I had imagined as such - especially as he is not even an EK or Wound Badge wearer!