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  1. Hello, did the Landesschützen or Standesschützen ever use the brass cockades? Would it be OK to wear a brass FJI pin on a feldgrau kappe for a 1915-16 Landesschützen or Standesschützen impression? Thanks
  2. Interesting. I never saw that style of pattern on Treße but hey we learn new things everyday.
  3. Would anyone happen to have photos of original WW1 German Bergmützen? I've been searching for photos of original ones, but only having little luck. Thanks
  4. Would that style of Treße be private purchased? Thanks
  5. A good close up of the M1914 Bergmütze with Edelweiß from eBay.
  6. Hello, I am looking for photos of German soldiers with M1912 Steyr Hahn pistols. Thanks
  7. Well, there goes my impression of doing a Baden Gebirgs Artillerie impresison . Another unit I had in mind was Württembergisches Gebirgs Kanonen Batterie Nr 6. They were under Bayerisches Gebirgs Artillerie Abt Nr 2 from May 1915 to Oct 1915 weren't they?
  8. Ahh ok! Thanks. Did any of these Badisches Gebirgs-Artillerie units fight at Tirol in 1915?
  9. Hello, about a week ago a friend sent me a photo of a monument for a Baden Gebirgs Artillerie unit and I decided to search for anything I could find on this unit but I found nothing so I asked in a few other groups for any photos or history of the unit, but no one in the groups know nothing of this unit. Thanks I included the photo of the monument with a red line under where it says the unit.
  10. Hello, I am searching for any history about the Badisches Gebirgs-Artillerie unit. I asked in a few other groups, but no one in any of the groups knew anything on this unit. Thanks and Frohe Weihnachten. I included a photo of a monument for this unit below.
  11. And troops of the 3rd Jäger Rgt since the 2nd Bavarian Jäger Brigade was moved to the 200th IR.
  12. Hello, I am looking for photos of how the Troddel was wrapped on the trench knife scabbard. Thanks!