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  1. I saw the listing for this, it states it was taken in Sonthofen which could only lead to one of the Bavarian Gebirgs Batterien. This Artillerist has a private purchased stlye Bergmütze (Can tell by the single button closures). I always like to state that what ever was issued, could also be privately purchased... Even with their own touch. On the side of his Bergmütze is a Richtschütze abzeichen (Aka Richtkanonier which was the gun layer). Since Gebirgsartillerie were based around Feldartillerie (Smaller caliber field guns), they used the same layout and parts of insignia. If the soldier had the money, why not?
  2. Would Gebirgs Artillerie be set up in the front, say in the trench? Or behind the trenches? I've been trying to figure out how and where they would be set up. From the death lists of Batterie 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, and 13, they all sustained a good many losses.
  3. Would anyone have photos of Bavarian Gebirgs Artillerie that they can share? Thanks!
  4. Hello! I am doing a study on Bavarian Gebirgs Artillerie and so far..... I don't have much. Its proven to be hard to find documentation and or photographs of Bavarian Gebirgs Artillerie.. So why not ask here? Thanks!
  5. His tunic doesn't appear to be a M1915 Feldbluse, it has 1915 straps though.
  6. The link below shows a group of soldiers, the 4th soldier (Bavarian NCO) has a Litewka on and a feldrgrau Schirmmuetze. https://www.flickr.com/photos/drakegoodman/32694097515/in/pool-gebirgstruppe/
  7. I would agree with the being moved from a Gebirgs Artillerie unit to a basic Artillerie unit. If I remember correctly it was common for NCO's and Officers from other units to be moved to other units. Here is a example, Hauptmann Carl Rose. He was in Prussian FAR 7 then moved to Prussian Fussartillerie Batterie Nr 102 under the Alpenkorps. He was then later moved to a FAR under the 117th ID in 1917 or 1918. Here is a photo below of him in May of 1915 (He wears the mourn band for his father's death) He was with Batterie Nr 102 during this time. His Bergmuetze is very stylish, most certain it is private purchased since his unit wouldn't have been issued them. .
  8. Close up of the Bergmuetze, defiantly private purchased. The Richtkanonier patch is that of a private purchased style as well.
  9. Possibly same unit? He has a Bergmuetze on (most likely private purchased)
  10. I believe it was only pre war that the Bavarian Infanterie straps were red, then they switched to feldgrau straps. With the introduction of the M1915/16 straps for the Feldbluse, Feldartillerie used the red straps but with yellow bomb and numbers.
  11. Hello! I am doing a study/search on camo caps and the camo that catches my eye the most is Italian camo. Would anyone have any photos of Italian camo caps in wear or original/s that they could show? Thanks!
  12. Hello, do you have any of Württemberg Gebirgs Kanonen Batterie Nr 6? Thanks
  13. Hello, I am trying to gather information in a study of Württemberg Gebirgs Kanonen Batterie Nr.6 and wondered if anyone has photos of this unit that they would be willing to share? Thanks!
  14. Hello, I am trying to gather information in a study of the Württemberg Gebirgs Kanonen-Batterie Nr.6 and wondered if anyone has photos of this unit that they would be willing to post here? Thanks!
  15. Thanks! I was also wondering, what was Gebirg Artillerie Kanonen Btr 10? Prussian? Bavarian? Württemberg? Thanks
  16. Were German Alpenkorps soldiers who were also D O A V members allowed to use their D O A V Edelweiß in the military? Thanks.
  17. Anyone else have photos of Bergmützen they could share? They are neat caps
  18. Those first 2 are nice, but something odd..I thought Württemberg Bergmütze only had wool visors..Since they are private purchased models, anything is possible! Maybe they had a 3rd option, black leather, grey leather and wool unlike Bavaria and Prussia where they had black and grey visor.
  19. There were Prussian Gebirgs Artillery units that wore them. One of the Bataillons in the 3rd JR Rgt was Prussian, they too wore them. Prussia had a good number of Gebirgs units. Prussia had atleast 2-3 units of these types -> Gebirgs Artillery, Gebirgs MW, Gebirgs MG. @The Prussian Green for the 3rd JR Rgt, red as you said above for Gebirgs Artillery. I was told Gebirgs MG (Minus the 2 komps in the W.G.B) and Gebirgs MW didn't wear Bergmützen
  20. I believe May 1915 was when Gebirgs Artillery got their Bergmützen
  21. So Prussian and Württemberg Gebirgs Artillery had red piping on their Bergmützen while Bavarian Gebirgs Artillery had black piping on their Bergmützen?
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