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  1. Dear all I find there are lots of time in "china incident" award document. The most of the awarding time was 29.4. Showa 15 year; The other time I find was 3.5. Showa 13 year. If you are the Japanese award document collector, I am happy with you to chat anytime about the document. my email address is: If you have extra document want to sell, please tell me as well~
  2. Dear Gensui

    I am Japanese award document collector. I find you have collected some Japanese award documents. Could I ask do you have some plans to sell them? If you want, please connect with me.

    Best Wish


  3. Dear mickey

    I am a Japanese award document collector, Could I ask do you have some Japanese award documents want to sell?

    Best Wish 


    1. mickey


      hi moran i have a number of documents in my collection but none for sale sorry, regards mickey 

    2. Moran James

      Moran James

      That's OK, Thank you. Best Wish Moran

  4. Hello fjcp

    Could I ask do you have any Japanese award documents want to sell?



    1. fjcp


      I have a few documents... What might you be interested in?

  5. Hello 

    Cloud I ask do you have Japanese emperor signature and other document want to sell now?



  6. Dear Dieter

    I am a Japanese award document collector. I find you have many Japanese award documents. Could I ask do you want to sell them?

    I collect "War medal" document, Rising sun, Scared Treasure and Golden kite document, also the Japanese emperor signature.

    Hoping for your reply (My email address is

    Best Wish


    1. antiquer


      Hi I also notice that you have some medals related to china. do you also have china double dragon medal for sale too ?


  7. I have send email for you~ Please have a check~
  8. Hello Bro I think Japanese medal do not have much copy item. Even some Japanese movies where group shoot usually use original Japanese medal wearing on actors. But war in Taiwan medal I never collect before, because it is too expensive... However, I think it is original one. Moran
  9. Dear all I collect an uniform recently in Australia. But I do not know about the medal ribbon meaning... From this navy uniform, I think this people should be lieutenant junior grade in his rank. But I do not any others information. Thank you~~~
  10. Thank you so much Tony. I will have a check. That's amazing!!!
  11. I have bought a medal group in this afternoon. But I do not know what is medal's Naming meaning? Two medals have the same Naming which show: J. 42624 P. MACFARLANE. A. B. R. N. I do not know what is that meaning. It is an officer or an Solider? How Can I find them information. Thank you!!!
  12. Thank you bro~ That is convinced!!!
  13. Thank you very much Paul. It is A.B means Able Bodied Seaman? What is "J" meaning in the initial. Cheer
  14. I have some pictures. One is a lieutenant colonel, who wears scared treasure medal order in 3 Other is a major, who wears scared treasure medal order in 5(could be 6) andTaisho Enthronement Medal
  15. Dear JapanX

    I am Japanese award document collector. I usually find your reply to post on the Gentlemen Military Club Website.

    I am looking forward the hand-signed by Japanese emperor award document (any of the 3 emperor). If you have  them, do you want to sell them?

    Best Wish


    1. JapanX


      Sorry for late answer, Moran.

      I am also a collector of japanese award documents signed by emperors. 

      I let you know when (and if) i`ve got something for sale.



    2. Moran James

      Moran James

      Thank you bro

      If you have any other award document in Japan want to sell, you can tell me as well

      Best Wish

  16. Dear Laurence Strong I am a Japanese medal collector and found your sold the "Sacred Treasure 4th class and award document". If this stuff is still available to sale. I am willing to purchase it. However I have owned the medal of the Sacred Treasure 4th, therefore I just want to get your Sacred Treasure 4th class award document and willing to purchase it by 50 or 60 USD, accounting to you. (not include the posting fee). If you have any information or any other Japanese medal award document want to sale, Please connect with me. (this is my email adress: Best Wish Moran
  17. I am a Japanese medals and award documents' collector. I have been becoming this aspect's collector about 3 years, I am interesting the Japanese medal design and the background of medal. There are wide range of stories and events just behind every medal and letter which should not be forgot. I am a pacifist, but I love history and collection. Thus, I will gradually show and research my collection's stories and background. Therefore, I would like to show the "Chinese incident medal" to be first. This solider's name is Jhong yuanwu(中原 悟) who is able-bodied. I have find 12 " Medal of Chinese incident" award-time. I still confuse about why the award-time was efficient... Just like this certificate which award-time was 03/05/ Showa Fourteen. It is diffident with the majority time 29/04/ Showa Fifteen. If we compare with the two letters. The award-time was difference and the rank also difference. This solider was a Combat medic, the rank was senior captain.
  18. This solider is an aid men whose rank is sergeant. His name is 原田 勇. Aid men is different with army-surgeons. The aid men main job could be transfer the wounded and nursing care. There are two artillerymen' letter~ But their rank are different one is Lance Corporal and the other is Private First Class
  19. Thanks JapanX my friend tell me some skills about Japanese skills. I also have some other "China incident" letter~ Behoooooooooooold~~~ This solider(大橋一三) is naval air force (Lance Corporal) which is my favorite letter, because I can find the most letter of "China incident" were infantry and artillerymen. I still remember this letter was my friend who helped me bought in one Japanese antique shop in Japan. This senior captain's name is 鵜鵜彌一郎 (It is really complex..., my Chinese friend help me to check it...) ground force infantry senior captain. The rank is not high which could be The army squadron?
  20. Hi Jshorter Did China Campaign medal award in 1900-1901? Did the background of this medal is "Boxer movement ? Cheer