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  1. So the recipient was most likely a pre-partition solider?
  2. Hey David, have to agree with the points you have raised regarding the appearance and details of the clasp. I have seen some medals around the market, most probably that rules out the discussion about being a one piece manufacture, would be interesting to find out more about this clasp since information about this clasp is limited
  3. Not quite sure to be honest but it might be possible since the civilian personell serve the army just like the rest Regards Hashim
  4. Hey Paul why the difference in the colour? Anything to do with the grade? Emanuel, do you need a ribbon for the medal? I do have some contacts that can surely arrange that for you Regards Hashim
  5. Hey Paul Now that was correctly guessed, hadn't seen this specific medal before so had to publish the picture
  6. One of the most gorgeous medals I've seen, who can guess the medal correctly?
  7. Hey Sjøforsvaret is the royal Norwegian navy regards Hashim
  8. Hey Paul Really appreciate the information Hashim
  9. Came across these three patches, the third one seems like an SSG patch but are the remaining two patches pakistani?
  10. Hey Peter Has been a couple of months since this medal fever took over me, interesting to find new information of the forum. The most interesting this about these three medals is the quality. The 3rd class seems to lack simple finishing whereas the second one looks to have been inspected. The first class is pure perfection, interesting to see how the quality changes through the three medals Hashim Hey Paul Pretty sure Hugh misunderstood something, i panicked there a bit hearing about the fifth class, took me pretty decent time to find extra ordinary specimens Hashim
  11. Hey Hugh This was the reason why i posted this, really interesting to find out different views and the most prominent of all, all the new information that follows. Im wondering if you could share more information about the fourth and fifth class if you come across Hashim
  12. I do agree with Paul since i have seen first class medals marked sgp with faded gold plating, so that the medal itself is clear silver even though its first class Hashim
  13. Hey Hugh This is the second class you've published the picture of, could you share the picture of that fifth class you mentioned earlier? Hashim
  14. Hey Hugh Fifth class? That's the first time I'm hearing about the fifth class, thought there were only 3 classes, as pictured regards Hashim Thank you for the reply Paul, do you have any prior information about how many classes there are? @Hugh mentioned a fifth class which is something I've never seen nor heard regards Hashim
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