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  1. I am afraid there is some sort of confusion: - Prussian regiments did not have individual coat of arms but would all display the Prussian eagle on their helmets. - Even pre-1866 Nassovian troops did not have a horse but a lion on their shakos. Maybe you are referring to Hannover? - None of the battles took place in 1813.
  2. Sad. Here is an other Jakob who did not return. He was my greatgrandfather's brother.
  3. Member of the 7th Thuringian Infantry Regiment No. 96 proudly wearing his EKII and the Reus Merit Medal with swords.
  4. I stick to my original guess. Also note that the connection line to the ss starts at the top which should make the preceding (round) letter an o rather than an u which looks different (see chart). Appears to be a child's handwriting.
  5. It is actually „Großpapa“=Granddad. You might not find him in the list either for obvious reasons ☺️.
  6. Thus, "Prince Charles, Prince of Wales" translates to "Prinz Charles, Fürst von Wales".
  7. The locals are indeed still very proud of it:
  8. Simi, it is (just) a Jones and (unfortunately) not by his friend Turner. Until now I thought that mom is just giving her daughter some good advise on how to behave in England. However, you might be right ad she is in fact trying to hold her back. At least there is some sort of urgency: the coachman is already leaving the house while a boy is promptig the couple to get on the coach. As Trooper_D rightly pointed out, the 15th century tower still stands - but only just. French troops tried to blow it up in 1689 only to produce a hole of the size of a smal car.
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