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  1. Any chance to get explanation, why did ZIN actually manufactured type 1.1 (with wider screw nut) with such high serial numbers in the range 70k+? It will apply that they have started both from the beginning and as well as from 70k? I have one of those 1.1 but with such high SN...
  2. Daffy Duck

    Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    Great collection indeed. I am just puzzled why did they put dots after roman numbers?
  3. Dear Paja, I am quite positive that you can contribute a lot with your knowledge and wisdom!
  4. Wonderful story. Many thanks for sharing it with us. Just to add that the same regulations applied to Serbian army, as the canon crew in the case of abandoning their canon could face military court. Just one more detail. I cannot with certainty read years on the Karageorge GS. 1914-191?
  5. I think that we should start a new topic: Serbian bravery medals through history
  6. I really like France, as you can came across so nice findings related to Serbia. This is my latest acquisition, Royal Household medal, third class, from the period 1903-1914 (better known as third model), produced by G.A Scheid from Vienna. As you can see, it's almost in mint condition... What is interesting, there are on the ring few markings. Hallmark of the producer (GAS), two marks of the Assay Office (letter ,,A" in the square), and the third which is one large ------ (almost like numer 1 in horizontal position) without any meaning to me. Anyone who can explain me the meaning of that third mark? I would try to post picture with details.
  7. I was offered with that specific one, and I had to decline it, as it was obviously fake. I was told that was a cheaper version for those students who couldn't afford silver version... But, as it was a year ago, back than, it was different seller from Croatia...
  8. Just observe the difference between two classes...
  9. Daffy Duck

    Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    This is my humble contribution.
  10. Daffy Duck

    Serbia - Royal Household medal

    Some more pictures..
  11. Daffy Duck

    Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    Mine Monodvor PS3 has 21gr. Once again many thanks for your effort.
  12. Daffy Duck

    Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    You are most probably guessing right.
  13. I think that I've found him. It should be general-major in reserve Milancic Miljevic for BiH, but there's no data about his other decorations...
  14. Daffy Duck

    Order of the Iron Crown

    Thank you Christian for this prompt answer. I have found it on French EBay, and the price is now more than 150 EUR and still going up, very fast. I just don't know why somebody bids for this lousy piece if he can obviously suspect that it's a fake.
  15. Daffy Duck

    Yugoslavian Partisan Stars

    it's legit one. I have similar one in collection too.
  16. Daffy Duck

    Order of the Iron Crown

    As I am not an expert on AH decorations, I will ask fellow members of this forum to say something more about those photos. They were posted few days ago, and the price of the order went to the sky, even though I presume that this is modern strike.
  17. Here are some differences. Two models with additional variations are present. Smaller ones are from HF (different material and 1gr difference in weight) and larger which are the variations from the same unknown producer, most probably French one. In this topic (33rd post) similar one was presented, but as it can bee seen, there are two variations, with and without litle stick below the suspension ball. There will be one more model to show ASAP which is in my humble collection.
  18. I am sorry as I am by no means expert in Greek orders, but, I would appreciate if somebody can help me with this one. It was given to one Yugoslav prominent person in 1953 (Ankara treaty, and later Balkan pact). Any clue who manufactured it? I simply don't know how many variations exist, but it looks to me like Spink (the way how the crown is connected to the rest of the cross).
  19. Unfortunately not. He was an diplomat in Kingdom, but got killed by Gestapo in 1943. in Jajinci shooting range near Belgrade. Not a single one of his decorations survived , but, as I read his personal file, I did my best to reconstruct those decorations. I have found all domestic ones, but still looking for that specific one he got from Patriarch of Jerusalem, while he was serving in Bruxelles.
  20. Daffy Duck

    St. Sava ... Star

    I completely agree with Paja. First class star should be 88-90mm
  21. So, compering to the most common one HF, its 5 grames havier (24gr) and 1 mm larger.