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  1. Thanks ! :-) In right lower corner special pass for civilian in Cracow Fortress - Festunk Krakau during IWW
  2. PREM

    Help with A-H emblem

    Thank you !!! regards Prem
  3. Hello! Can I ask for help with this emblem? Nice condition, diameter 5,5 cm x 4,5 cm, from pouch? or tschako? What do You think??
  4. Hello, Stefanie link http://www.stankiewicze.com/vm/ or send me name of You grandfather
  5. Hi, It does not look like polish..
  6. PREM

    Hat badge 1WW

    Thank You All for Your help :-))
  7. Nice badge Farkas :-) Yes, i've bought this nice badge :-)
  8. PREM

    Hat badge 1WW

    Is this a badge of Hungarian Homeland (Honved) from hat or cap? Size about 8 cm height. Is it from the period of 1914-18? Regards P.
  9. Hello ! I've question about originality this qualification badge What do you think? Is it copy/fake? regards Prem
  10. Hello ! Thank You for help,it looks for a fake, and this below? Looks good, but is not it coin to hide the fake?? Regards :-)
  11. Hello ! Can You help me with one emblem from pouch or tshako, pickelhalbe? What it is ?What is this coat of arms? Any german duchy arms?