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  1. scottplen

    USAF Korean war KIA trio F-86 pilot

    Found this online
  2. scottplen

    USAF Korean war KIA trio F-86 pilot

    Do you have any info on this shoot down ?? Lots of confusing info out ! I believe he crashed into sea ? But some say he was taken to the Chinese as a POW and sent to Russia ?
  3. unit engraved DFC for shooting down of MI 15 on bombing mission on Apr 12 1951
  4. scottplen

    Korean war DFC for B-29 Gunner

    I have read some of these us reports and I assume Soviet reports only deal with Soviet flown migs ? China and N Korea flew also April 12 1951 I’m assuming no Soviet flown plane were lost wonder what the numbers on the others ? Also were any Soviet pilots KIA in all Korea can’t find info on net ? Cold War propaganda on both sides seem to fog the true numbers of kills with over estimated and underestimated of losses ! Regardless if he shot down a mig or damaged one it a great DFC I’m proud to own ! i found online 34 mig type crafts shot down by B29s in KW ? In the big picture numbers don’t matter ! Both sides lost so many !
  5. scottplen

    Korean war DFC for B-29 Gunner

    The fog of war I guess ? I guess both sides over exaggerate their kills ? There is so much info proving both sides wrong ?? Who knows?
  6. scottplen

    USAF Korean war KIA trio F-86 pilot

    credit for damaging a MIG
  7. An eBay snag ! Not much research or articles around on this guy ! Someone mounted a combat infantry badge right in his headstone !
  8. Military disaster East of Chosin ! This whole task force destroyed by overwhelming Chinese Communist forces !
  9. scottplen

    East of Chosin MIA PH Task Force Faith

    Did you see documentary on task for Faith on Amazon prime ?? it’s very sad !
  10. scottplen

    Korean war DFC for B-29 Gunner

    Here he is listed in Aerial victories of the jet age . his GO reads GO #190 HQ FEAF 29 apr 1951 Sgt RAV 30th BS 19th BG is officially credited with destruction of one enemy MI15 type aircraft in aerial combat near Sinuiju North Korea ,at 10101 on 12 Apr 1951 Sgt V Was a right gunner on B29 flying in formation at 17000 feet. Enemy aircraft was passing under B29 at 3 o’clock low and when it was 500 yards away Sgt V fired one long burst and a flash of fire and smoke was observed to come from enemy aircraft. When last seen enemy aircraft was last seen spinning out of control and on fire .
  11. scottplen

    Korean war DFC for B-29 Gunner

    3 were shot down April 12 1951 gunners of 30th bomb sqr 19th BG in B29s I have His GO for his air medal stating April 12 for shooting down MIG 15 ! MIGs shot down many bombers not sure exact number ? 34 migs lost to Gunners in KW from what I can find . Lots of misinformation Soviet reports say no losses US list multiple shoot downs ?
  12. This is the only WWII KIA I have left working on collecting KW but this was too special not to keep ! Kia against Vishy French forces during operation torch ! His engraved DSC is lost ! This cross is not named !
  13. Very hard to find Presidential Certificates for KW KIAs
  14. scottplen

    1st Cav Pusan breakout KIA PH and Docs.

    Yes I know sad and cool ! I just always try to honor their memories!
  15. Very proud to own this one ! He was original member of Darby's Rangers taken POW Jan 30 1944 near Anzio held at Stalag 2B liberated 6/9/1945 and was later MIA / killed in action in the 1st months of the Korean war with Co M heavy weapons company 34th infantry regt. 24th Division July 20 1950 near Taejon. He was from Delaware Co PA more
  16. This is an odd one ! I have been in contact with an expert on engravings this is one of about 4 hand engraved examples that have been seen like this 3 army and 1 air force by the expert who is writing a book on KIA Purple hearts ! So never say never to anything my guess the name was too much for machine engraving ? Puerto Rican 65th IR attached to 3rd division KIA Feb 9 1951
  17. scottplen

    5th RCT KIA PH Korea

    Honored to own this one ! My Father was Co C WIA oct 30 1950 . So this one has a special place in my collection ! KIA Oct 1951 on last UN offensive of the war ! %th was a great fighting unit IMO one of the best !
  18. WWII enlisted man /Became officer Dec 1948 MIA/KIA Jan 1951 as communications officer of 19th Infantry Regt. 24th division Fought in 4 campaigns in ETO . Killed in Korea .
  19. Thinking on branching into 3rd Reich medal bars ? Does this seem good ?
  20. Weimar era bar with gold bravery medal marked 333 on ring ! I was pleasantly surprised to find the 333 for 8 k gold mark since seller sold it as a silver gilt WMM bar ! Makers label
  21. I did not replace anything it is how I got it ! It was sold as a silver gilt but it is 333 marked for 8k gold ! How many Prussians receive GMMM ? I assume not many !