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  1. The order seem good to me . But I do not like the medal bar for original ! But if order is good and price is right ? maybe you can find an original ribbon ? Knights 1st class of OZL very cool medal !
  2. I do not like the way the ribbons are sewn together ! The lion order looks ok to me ? But I’m no expert ! I have owned a few original 2nd class knight pieces and I know they finely made . Are there repos of this award being made now ? Is it finely made ? The castle in the center does not seem to me like it should ? flash Washing ? Can you get better pics of the enamel work ?
  3. Devote Mormon ,Eagle scout And war hero .
  4. scottplen

    26th engineer bn Vietnam Silver Star KIA

    Pics from ancestry
  5. scottplen

    Legion of merit for Korea

    ThAnks ! I like that it was awarded to a commander of a combat unit ! Some images from the online showing him as commander of Heavy tank bn Korea .
  6. For leadership of the 64th heavy tank bn. Recieved Silver Star for WWIi with 2nd Armored and DSM for VN service . Retired as MG
  7. scottplen

    C-130 copilot shot down Vietnam

    Another pic from his high school yearbook .
  8. Rare USAF KIA /MIA officially engraved Vietnam Purple Heart . This is only the 3rd or 4th VN Kia I have seen ! And the 2nd one that was a early enamel type all with different type engraving AF at this time had no set engraving !
  9. Very brave young Marine ! USMC stopped engraving after 1968 Tet offensive ! Framed them instead ! His Stepfathers WWII engraved BS.
  10. Officially engraved Air Force BS for Vietnam B57 pilot ! With 1st bombers to go to VN and was a member of Doom Pussy Club those pilots who flew night missions up North VN . Patch I believe is repro or reunion piece I added for display !
  11. scottplen

    C-130 copilot shot down Vietnam

    More info online ! Also this was worst air disaster of the time !
  12. scottplen

    Thoughts about this pair?

    Uss Washington was an Armored Cruiser ! I like the pair ! But I’m no expert on clasps like that ! I would post it in US militaria forum there is a wwI clasp guy on there but I forget his name ? scott
  13. another eBay snag ! A Posthumous Bronze Star to a F105 pilot who’s jet blew up on take off in Thailand! Korean War Vietnam War USAF !
  14. This was being split up on eBay in separate BINs I am waiting on his campaign and good conduct medal now I picked up in a separate BIN from same seller ! Sad reminder of the cost of war !
  15. scottplen

    Vietnam time capsule! eBay snag !

    Here is the group reunited ! 3 different eBay auctions !
  16. scottplen

    Vietnam time capsule! eBay snag !

    Yea on the way !
  17. scottplen

    Vietnam time capsule! eBay snag !

    Found this plaque online !
  18. scottplen

    Korean War Field artillery KIA SS PH

    Still trying to find the GO # ? it would be 25th division .