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  1. Yes, the one on his left is the Order of Common Honor first or second class (only the number of stars in the center could tell). This order is super rare, I never saw one neither in auctions nor any museum in China or Japan. Her a picture out of a book from a first class example:
  2. …or you can travel to NK and buy the stuff there, at least the propaganda stuff you can get in the hotels and gift shops. For medals and older stuff you my need some relations. This summer I will find out I spent some time in the Dandong area (Chinese City on the NK border) last summer. They had many Korean Shops there whit Nord Korean stuff. Also a lot of smuggling went on there! Just outside dandong the yalu river on some parts is very narrow and shallow. One time early in the morning I watched some North Koreans Farmers run across to deal whit some Chinese and the Nord Korean Soldiers did not shoot (surprisingly for me), but they took they cur of the earned money when they returned. I guess everything that sales goes across this border Medals inclusive. I bought some smuggled NK booze from a Chines Farmer it tasted disgusting Here is a picture of the so «famous» NK/Chinese border north of Dandong (my side China other side of that ditch North Korea)… cheers a l e x
  3. Hello I think the price is much to high, I saw a first class auspicious cloud at the «show of shows» in Kentucky last year for about 10000$ (if I remember right). did someone buy this medal? best regards a l e x
  4. alex82

    Japanese ribbon bars

    Very nice bars! great collection! By C. are the numbers 1 and 3 interchanged… 3 is the Sacred Treasure and 1 the rising sun. best regards a l e x
  5. I also mailed the pictures to the author of «Chinese Orders (1862-1955)» this is his reply: …This is a medal in the Republic period. It is awarded by the Nanking government. There are a few versions for different years since about 1932. This one is the later version, but before 1949.… happy new year party! a l e x
  6. :banger: of course there are fakes of this medal as well as any other chinese medals: http://cgi.ebay.com/aged-collectable-chinese-Warlord-scuffle-date-medal-/110628488735?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19c1f8c61f
  7. Hugh and hc8604, Thank you very much for your help! I Indeed got this medal over ebay a few month ago. I was surprised to win this, because normally when I place my maximum bid for a chinese medal it goes for 10-times the money I can spent. I was also surprised because I saw a similar medal on ebay about 2 years ago for a much higher price then I payed. I remembered that it was described as a medal for passing some civil servant law test (the scale) back then. It's interesting that there are not more of these medals on the market considering the relatively high number on the back. I will send the pictures to some friends in Taiwan and try to find out more. thank you again for your help and a happy new year! a l e x
  8. Hello everyone! This medal is in my collection for quiet a wile and i finally found the time to do some research. unfortunately I didn't found out much either in my reference book nor online. I would be very happy about any information (name, translation of the backside, purpose, date. etc.). thank you very much and happy holiday a l e x
  9. congrats Dieter! you found a very nice one! any hallmark? cheers a l e x
  10. alex82


    Hey Richard, that was exactly my thought! I also have the print version of there auction catalog, which is beautifully made both in quality of paper and print as well as the quality of the pictures. Same situation there the medals are not named. How can they not identify them? maybe I have to pay a visit to there store and offer my services – I cash the paycheck in medals of course. best regards a l e x
  11. Interesting! I never saw 三 where all three lines have the same length, I learned that the one in the middle is always shorter than the two others. Must be old style as well. Thank you very much a l e x
  12. alex82


    Take a look at the website again, the auction closed and you can see the winning bids, which are very interesting. Lot 87: The Precious Brilliant Golden Grain went for 28000Euro (38000US$)! Lots 106&107: They also sold 2 of these horrible fakes! one for 300Euro and one for 700Euro. What a waste of money! Lots 96&97: both fine cloud and banner medals, they didn't sell at all. any explanation for that? a l e x
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