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    Phaleristics and Vexillology. Chivalric and honorable Military Orders and Medals along with Full Dress Parade uniforms associated with influential historical regimes of Europe and East Asia.

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  1. Devoted to finding an elusive medal.


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    Ordre de la Couronne de Thaïlande Orden der Krone von Thailand Dear Good people of the internet, I am looking for the Order of the Crown of Thailand pre 1910s Early Type French manufacturer breast star in either 1st class (Maha Suraphorn) or 2nd class (Chula Suraphorn) in respective silver or gold. I remained committed to the acquisition of this specific variant with wide prominent jagged sunrays emanating from the top of the crown with 4 side background decorations each in between the umbrella parasols on the central medallion. This version also has an multi colored enamel base, bright blue colored enameled background, and is in the standard 70 mm in diameter of this order. Please kindly consider selling it to me as I am willing to pay you $1,000 + GBP during these hard times for it based on minimal enamel defects since it is my favorite design of this order medal which has been my main source of motivation especially during this period and would become my favorite breast star as preferred by state dignitaries. I would like to pay you by PayPal if possible. I would be grateful for any help received and to those who could bring me to the conclusion of my long search as I really desired it to complete my collection in order to unite my two stars as a matching companion order which I truly treasured. Please share and help spread the word. I recognized that this type in recent years is rarer than other types such as the JW Benson one or ones made by Thai manufacturers and other ones by different French manufacturers so I am prepared to give you a more enticing payment for if you have felt that this amount is not sufficient enough to persuade you to part with this particular star. Please feel free to contact me as I am open to all offers and considerations. I would want to buy it immediately from preferably a fellow collector or an auction house that could make arrangements. If you have this specific variant that you would like to sell in 1st class golden star, please let me know so I can reevaluate my offered price for increased adjustment accordingly. I am hoping to buy back this item for my country for preservation in my archives. Needed for the fulfillment of my appreciation of history.


  3. When in full Parade dress it would also be worn with a General or Marshal’s Belt along with straight leg Trousers and would have Stalin’s decorations on it. The uniform’s Tunic overall is about knee length which is shorter than that of a overcoat.
  4. The Generalissimo rank is equivalent to a 6 Star General rank or General of the Armies and is above the average Marshal.
  5. Hello and Greetings, This is my first post and I just wanted to share what the uniform of the highest rank of the Soviet Union looks like. Note this rank is above Marshal of the Soviet Union equivalent to a 5 Star Field Marshal rank. Only the “man of steel” holds this rank also known as Joseph Stalin but even for himself, the commander in chief of the Soviet Red Army considers this Uniform and it’s insignia to be too luxurious and old fashioned for his own liking. I am emphasize that this was especially created for Stalin for usage in the annual Grand Victory Parade of 1947.
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