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  1. That's good to know Joe. Thanks for the help.
  2. Joe Have you ever seen one of these before? I wonder about who in particular would wear this. Maybe its the bottom line generic souvenir or one who works for KdF? No clue
  3. Hello Gents Have any of you ever seen one of these and if so how would it be worn? Attached to a pocket perhaps. Smaller than a penny and light as a feather. Thanks for your time. Regards Robert

    Sent e-mail to you.
  5. Don Your right sir. Thanks for your good eyesight.
  6. A larger version than my Lilliput whose maker I cannot make out. Ahh Franke and Company! Could not make it out with my loupe. First entrance on this thread for 11 years.
  7. I believe so Joe. Except for Frank&Reif which the jury is still out on. At least until now anyway.
  8. Wish me luck. A Wagner is on its way. I need to get out of my sleepwear and go out to the mailbox in an hour or so.
  9. Gents I was able to get this C. Dinsel Berlin 44 Very nice enamel work IMO And here a Dinsel Arbeit Dank. Maybe I or someone else has a Dinsel Party Pin to show and compare. Although these are low-end items price-wise, the quality of the workmanship and enameling is outstanding and I truly believe you can feel it when in hand as well. Is it me or do you feel it as well? Good weekend. Robert
  10. Alas I now have something else to search for this year.....Ferd. Wagner. I find I have two Poellath open to trade.
  11. Again you guys are too sharp or I am too dull. This one was right next to an Otto Hoffman which sold before this one. Go figure. Blessings for 2018 men.
  12. No I didn't notice either of those differences on either of those pieces. Now I have to go back under my bed and get them out and look although I believe I posted an anniversary here many moons ago. I'll look now. Don I just looked I see that.You two are sharp as tacks
  13. Very interesting enamel werk on this Austrian diamond Lentwerk Bruder Schneider On second glance and even with a loupe I cannot say with certainty that it is 149............... whose vision is better??? Help Please
  14. Gents Ive finally found a little inside time to scan these for comparison purposes. Here they are........ From left to right of course... Seiboth,Mayer,Poellath, and Deumer And the reverse of course Same sequence of makers. Good health and fortune to all in 2018! Robert The darkness of the Seiboth is in the enamel work as it has no real surface substance that would cause the enhanced brown coloration. So I am thinking a primitive earthtone for the organization. But I digress. We can draw our own conclusions..........