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  1. SSW TrafoTag Der Arbeit 1937 The same as Pete on page 1 but his is 1938! Others can follow but I wait first for some signs of forum life
  2. Gents I managed to grab this one that is not on this particular thread.Banntreffen HJ Ansbach 1923-1933 Take Care Robert
  3. I hope Andreas is OK. It has been over a month now. Can I guess that the idea is if you hit the crown off that would earn you a higher grade? Take Care Robert
  4. 22 caliber @50 feet or the metric equivalent? That's my guess anyway.
  5. This is a nice topic. Target shooting is one of my alternate passions. Thanks a lot Gordon. I see this particular shoot was outdoors so it may be from a more considerable distance?
  6. This is interesting. It sounds like a 22 caliber for shooting the birds? And what is the distance of the target from the shooter and from what position is the shot taken? Thank You nice thread for sure. Robert
  7. Perfectly alright to bring back to life. Thanks for showing your badges.. I'll show this stickpin Turnbund related but I don't know the specifics of the lettering. Good Sunday Robert ATVA is the lettering and is unmarked on reverse.
  8. Here is another. Not much to write home about however. Bexirks Musikfest 4 July 1937
  9. So nice to resuscitate from years of dormancy. Only 4 pages so easier to remember what has been shown.
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