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  1. I think that it is a fantasy item. In correct German the date would be 23. 02. 30 or even 23. 02. 1930 and they would have mentioned the first name HORST, too. Also the fixing system is not believable.
  2. It is not a separate swastika. This pin exists as shown on the photo.
  3. I got one Egendorf badge together with a little certificate that the person has absolved the school there which interests were to communicate the NS ideas to the civil servants of the Reich.
  4. Hi Don ! It's a pity but I am sure that the Frauenhilfsdienst badge is a fake. I also bought one several years ago but the pin is too flexible and the ones with loss of enemal which I saw are all without makers mark.
  5. These came in silver and gold and were honor pins für a regional sports union.
  6. I think that it's the middle of a DAF membership pin and the rest has been cut off.
  7. Hi ! There was a really huge amount of these sympathizers badges. I have 5 only with old Adolf on it but there were also others with the swastika.
  8. You only have to have a look into the Hüsken catalogue. Round about 99 % of the German badges with the symbol for the sun are from my collection. Regards
  9. Hi ! It's surely a German item. I found it twice here but I don't know fro which organisation it is.
  10. A very nice find ! You only see the golden ones on the German market so that yours is more rare and also original.
  11. Hi ! I got a different one which seems to be the normal one and yours the honor pin.
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