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  1. Pretty sure yes. I got it from my Dad who got it from a collector who told him the stroy of how he damaged the blade trying to polish it with some sort of tool and went too far. I don't know why the photo did not load. Mike
  2. I managed to get a photo of the damage. It's a quarter inch down from the tip on the far side. This is all the damage no more no less. I put my finger over the flash for the shot. Mike
  3. I got an offer for a dress bayonet I am selling but I will want to disclose the fact someone tried to polish the chromed blade and a tiny part of the chrome finish was damaged. I'd say it's less then a quarter inch wide and under a hald inch long near the tip. What % off would be fair for this damage? No way to post a photo it would never show up. Mike
  4. Opinons on this one? I have my doubts. Anyone see anything wrong? I've never seen double or triple line stitching but I've not looked at more then a few originals. Mike http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...A:IT&ih=002
  5. I'd ask in the WWII forum. It does not look good to me I think the decal is a bit too large? Liner is way off. Mike
  6. The helmet shell looks fine to me. The liner pads seem to be the M16 type on an M17 band. Not only are the pads supposed to be white, even if they did substitute the leather the cut or design of the pads in the M17, from the M16 is a little different. It is possible that they used the M16 pads in some production of the M17 liner but then the rear pin is missing or not going all the way through. All the parts look good to me so at worst it's a parts helmet. If the right price it would be worth picking up.
  7. I saw no problems with this helmet. Anyone see anything I did not? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...%3APIC&rd=1
  8. And here I was just checking them all out on ebay before coming here. I know next to nothing about German WWI dress. Must be someone selling off the junk to go buying at MAX. Mike
  9. I thought about this as a reason today in fact. As if so many people have no clue on the British contribution to WWII. Sad but true. Anyway my helmet is really flat in person. It looks darn funny on my head it's so flat. I will get another photo soon. Till then keep talking. Mike PS, I'd think a WWII helmet is a WWII helmet. Sad to see US helmets up to 500 dollars. I mean you can get a post war US M1 for 20 bucks un issued!
  10. You solved another puzzel. Mine is stamped with the above C.L./C mark and next to that is 1942. Mike
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