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  1. Hello Mark,
    if you interestet in new Reuss stuff, please send me an PM.
    Regards, Kronenorden .....Mario (Saxonia)

  2. Heiko Both bars came with the original award documents. Can you post photos of those too? Thanks, Mark
  3. Heiko Glad to see the family all together again. How long have you been foster parenting the children? Any chance of a photo of the set in wear? Regards, Mark PS - There are still a few of his items left over at Huskens......
  4. Dave They can't be Frack bars - the order on the bars is left to right. A Frack bar would be mounted in the opposite order. Mark
  5. Has anyone else seen these bars listed at Huesken's? Both come with the original award documents and are named to the same Lt. Dr. Sayffaerth. These raise a couple of questions. Looking at the the bars would they be worn together? And, if they do both belong to the same individual why would you break up the sets? [attachmentid=59131] [attachmentid=59132]
  6. Reverse of the FJ: [attachmentid=59126]
  7. Close up of the FJ. [attachmentid=59125]
  8. The style of ribbons folded under "Bavarian" style is most often seen on the fakes coming out of Austria. I was told though that this style was standard post 1938. Personally, I get gun shy when I see them wrapped this way. This one was just offered to me too. [attachmentid=59122]
  9. Chris That is soooooooo unfair! But I have to ask if you bought it in Canada how did you get it back to Germany? Mark
  10. Solomon Here is a pure guess on my part. Probably totally wrong, but this could all be for an NCO. Prussian Crown Medal, Saxon Ernst Medal (either silver or gold), Reuss Merit Medal (either silver or gold), Lippe Orden Des Ehrenkreuzes Again, probably all wrong, but I am sure one of the better ID's will be along shortly to positively ID them. Regards, Mark
  11. Solomon No, 1915. Per David Danner's most excellent website: "On January 9, 1915, a "war ribbon" of yellow with red and black stripes near each edge was authorized. Prior to this, all awards, including swords awards, were on an amaranth ribbon. After this, the war ribbon was used for awards with swords and for non-swords awards which were for merit on the homefront in support of the war effort. " Regards, Mark
  12. Solomon The Reuss War ribbon was issued from 1915 on. I would think your set was issued early war before he earned an EK2. I might also think the first ribbon was a crown order, as it would be unusual to mount a long service award in front of a war ribbon. Regards, Mark By the way - Nice little bar
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