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Zulu throwing spear, Isandlwana... with provenance...???

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Hi all;

Just another show and tell...and I was hoping some folks can show me that its real, or tell me that its just a reproduction, or something else entirely. Another find from the wealthy estate sale who's owner was a keen Zulu war buff. It appears to be a Zulu throwing spear. Accompanying it was a framed photograph and a short statement of ownership. The man in the photo said it was his father's, and it was used at the battle of Isandlwana. It seems like a far stretch, but the photo shows the exact spear. I hope there are folks who can clarify this object and put it into realistic perspective.


thank you!




















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Now that is something we do not see every day!  This is amazing!  Is that leather shrunk around the end of the staff, around the base of the spear head?

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In my opinion, this is certainly the 'real thing'.  The blade of the spear is attached to the shaft by a section of skin from the tail of a cow.  The tail section is put on when it is 'wet' (i.e. fresh), and it shrinks as it dries and makes a perfect, long-lasting connection. 

As far as I know, this hafting technique has not been used by the Zulus for a very long time.  Although it may not to precisely date the spear in question, I would be happy to have it as 19th Century.


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Hi all; 


Thank you all for your analyses of this spear! I am excited to know that it is the real thing. The former owner had this in his 15,000 sq. ft. estate. Gives me hope that the other items that he had are also authentic. 

Is there any way to tell what kind of value this artifact holds? From my research I assume between  $600-900 USD?

This is a great find then! Since there were no Zulu/British colonial war experts at the sale, and since I was #7 on line to get into the home, I made a beeline for these artifacts and camped out to see if anyone was taking a serious look. Most folks bypassed the entire gallery. My good fortune!

I hope you can look at the other items I have posted as well.




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