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I have this pin since years. Found it today in my parts box.

I still didn't know what it is. Just a town crest? Or something military or civilian related?




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Aliwal North (Afrikaans: Aliwal-Noord) is a town in central South Africa on the Orange River, Eastern Cape Province. Aliwal North is the seat of the Maletswai Local Municipality within the Joe Gqabi District Municipality.

Aliwal North is named in tribute to Sir Harry Smith.  Sir Harry Smith,  founded the small town of Aliwal North in the Cape Province of South Africa in 1850. He named the town "Aliwal" in memory of his victory over the Sikhs in 1846, and "North" in opposition to Aliwal South (now Mossel Bay). The park in the centre of Aliwal North, the Juana Square Gardens was named after Smith's wife Juana Maria de Los Dolores de Leon... Municipal status was attained in 1882.

[My first comment was 'Aliwal sounds Indian'.  Then I found this. ;) ]

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