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M1924 Order of the Red Banner

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Hi all, I have been expanding into Soviet collecting lately after a long emphasis on German Militaria, what are the learned opinions of you fine folks about this one? 

After looking at the maker mark and comparing it to others, I am less enthralled about it as I was, but variances in construction do exist so I would love more opinions. I will be getting McDaniel's book very soon. I do not want to make a ton of expensive mistakes when getting into these. 



Thank you and I look forward to contributing more posts on here in the future. 



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Based on the link I still don't like the numbers. It is possible that the engraver could have  been on mega strength tractor fuel the night before but overall I think the badge poses more questions than answers. My feeling is there are genuine elements but some "enhancement". Personally I would wait for a better example to turn up.


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5 hours ago, Eric Gaumann said:

Yeah, the number's a bit wonky, but that could be for numerous reasons.

OP, you've seen this page? http://mondvor.narod.ru/ORBan2.htm

Hi Eric. 

MONDVOR page does NOT cover the variations in serial numbers. It only covers variations in the actual order shapes. 

Saying that, it is indeed very questionable item, IMO. My initial comment on the other forum about engraving was driven by desire to say, that this unusual number engraving hand is genuine and known on this range of ORB. But on this particular one we have an imitation of this unusual hand, because the whole item looks dodgy. 

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Well, indeed! It pulled off $510. Have we missed out on a very-very rare ORB? ;)

I bet the new owner reads this thread and laughs at us. 

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