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South Australia Police , Quorn 1930's

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Quorn is a township located in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia and would I believe have been policed in the 1930's by the South Australia Police. I have a small set of snapshot style photographs showing the Quorn Police and would like to share them here.

The first photograph is dated to the reverse 26/3/35 and shows five Members of the Force outside the Circuit Court,


The reverse with the names of those shown.


The next photograph shows Sergeant Loughlin and is dated 20/9/33


And the reverse.


This photograph is again dated 20/9/33 and shows a uniformed Constable standing outside the Police Station.


The reverse.


The next photograph is unmarked but appears to show the same Man as before this time mounted on horseback.


However being from the 1930s era the onset of mechanization is becoming apparent.


The last photograph of this small set is dedicated to the Constables Mother and shows him standing in front of his bed space.




Here is a link detailing the history of the South Australia Police 


Best regards Simon

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Thanks Dave, I would imagine they were quite testing times for the Police!


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