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Trench Club or Swagger stick?? (Gulp!)

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Hi Gents

this fella is at the post office.

I'm collecting it Monday........

Just 35 quid on eBay.

And it's mine now!



It's 33inches long

It's coiled leather. (Flexes ?)

I think from looking at the pics the pointed end diameter might be less than the heavy end perhaps tapered that way.


What do make of it Gents ?



It was advertised as an Officers swagger stick

im hoping its a bit more than that.

i will update with my own pics on Monday when I pick it up... 

Fingers Crossed please Gents


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Hi Gents,

Well it's here....



Solidly made and, although I wouldn't want to get hit with it, I'd say it might be more thench art than trench club perhaps.

The length is excessive for a club but having said that, it swings great, hits hard and has a spike! so would have done a job.

the leather is in 6 or so seperate pieces of various thickness and colours that are wrapped and glued around a bar that flexes.

the leather is tapered and stops just under the bullets although the bar continues and then the cartridges are 'welded' around the bar. The coin provides the finishing touch. 

It has some wear.There is a slight kink halfway. When held two handed this is where it's held. 

If any of you have seen anything similar or have any thoughts on it  please do.

hope you like it


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2 hours ago, Chris Boonzaier said:

Looks like a nice front made swagger stick?

Hi Chris

yes I think you're right...

after an evening of near misses swinging it round at my mums house it doesn't see to have the weight or the design for 'serious work'.

But sure is fun anyway.....


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Double purpose . in the book Army Uniforms of World War One . by Mollo and Turner is a Photo of a Austrian officer carrying a mix of walking stick and weapon . the stick ends with a russian bayonet . many German officers carried batons with heavy ironed ends.

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