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Eric Gaumann

Help with this Soviet badge marked "FIA Lyon"

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Can you help me with this strange, Soviet badge, please?

I've collected Soviet items for years now and have never seen a Soviet badge manufactured by a Capitalist Country.  This Soviet style looks to me 1950s, but It could be earlier, even pre-WW2.  It's a long service (10 years I assume) badge issued by a 'sports committee' in the USSR.  Google shows me FIA Lyon started (and still exists) as a badge and medal manufacturer in 1928.

Any ideas?



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7 hours ago, nickstrenk said:

In my opinion the topic belongs to Soviet badges division.

True, but I know what it is.  I just don't know why it was made in France?  Was hoping one of the learned members here knew a little about FIA Lyon.

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