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  1. One of the numerous Seefahrtsbücher that were included in the set.
  2. For his part in the attack on Norway, he was awarded the EK2 and Narvik Shield, the latter being extremely rare to the Merchant Navy. He also later earned the Blockade Breaker Badge for the safe return of Jan Wellem to Germany.
  3. Ellerbock was a native of Hamburg and a merchant seaman with a huge amount of experience. The group included several of his Merchant Navy docs, pre-war, wartime and postwar.
  4. Here is one of the most interesting Narvik groups I have owned. Should really be in the Documents section but I'll post them here as this thread is dedicated to Narvik. Gebührnisbuch / Soldbuch to Hans Ellerbrock, the L.I. on the "Jan Wellem", an interesting boat which was once the mothership to the German whaling fleet but was taken over by the Kriegsmarine as a support ship and used during the invasion of Norway.
  5. You were right to let this one go. It is not a genuine WW2 period cap. Most likely as the seller suggests, it is early Bundesmarine ( though quite collectible in its own right, it wouyldn'y have a particularly high value )
  6. And tucked into the back cover, some details of earlier service on the Eastern Front prior to the issue of this Soldbuch. Records at Deutsche Dienststelle show him as with the Army (Inf Regt 400 ) in 1939, then a mysterious gap until May to November 1942 when he is with the Artillery Regiment of Wiking, then another gap until March 1944 when he is with the Feldgendarmerie. He was killed in action sometime between 20 - 22 April 1945 at Neu Petershain. At that time Frundsberg had broken out of the Spremberg Pocket and was trying to push through to the Elbe River.
  7. NIce unit stamps. The Wiking stamp is a generic one for the Division, but the Frundsberg stamp is specific to the Feldgendarmerie Kompanie.
  8. Kit issue. Particularly interesting is the entry for the issue of the Feldgendarmerie Gorget. Typically, these were personal issue to SNCOs whilst lower ranks were issued from stores when required and returned when not in use.
  9. This book issued in March 1944 by the Feldgendarmerie-Trupp of 5 SS Panzer Div. "Wiking"
  10. Going by his I.D. disc number, looks like he was originally in Totenkopf Infanterie Ersatz Bataillon II
  11. Just arrived from the USA. Despite not being into SS stuff this was another I couldn't resist. Thanks to Kevin for tipping me off as this was for sale on another Forum, but I've known the seller for many years and was able to contact him direct and get it at a good price.
  12. Congratulations Kevin, a superb item and a real piece of history !!!
  13. Generalleutnant Richard Heidrich Born 28 Jul 1896 Died 22 Dec 1947 Commander 7 Flieger Div Aug 1942 Commander 1 Fallschirm Div May 1943 Commander 1 Fallschirmkorps Nov 1944
  14. Generaloberst Kurt Arthur Benno Student Born 12 May 1890 Died 01 Jul 1978 Commander 7 Flieger Division Sep 1939 - May 1940 Commander XI Fliegerkorps May 1940 Commander 1 Fallschirmarmee Sep 1944 - Nov 1944 Commander Heeresgruppe Weichsel Apr 1945 - May 1945
  15. General der Infanterie Paul Laux Born 11 Nov 1887 Died 02 Sep 1944 Commander 126 Inf Div Oct 1940 - Oct 1942 Commander II Armee Korps Nov 1943 - Apr 1944 Commander II Armee Korps May 1944 - Jul 1944 Commander I6 Armee Jul 1944 - Aug 1944
  16. Generalleutnant Wilhelm Kohler Born 15 Apr 1896 Died 25 Mar 1968 Commander 282 Inf Div Jun 1943 Commander 11 (Luft) Feld Div. Dec 1943 - Nov 1944
  17. Generalleutnant Helmuth Mentzel Born 06 Jun 1891 Died 11 Aug 1974 Chef der Wehrmachtstreifendienstes Mar 1944 - May 1945
  18. General der Infanterie Friedrich-August Schack Born 27 Mar 1892 Died 24 Jul 1968 Commander 216 Inf Div May 1943 - Oct 1943 Commander 272 Inf Div Dec 1943 - Sep 1944 Commander LXXXI Armee Korps - Sep 1944 Commander LXXXV Armee Korps - Nov 1944 - Dec 1944 Commander XXXII Armee Korps - Mar 1945-Apr 1945
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