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  1. hi Mel Have an example of the badge too. Have checked a dozen or more NSBO badges awarded at other events and agree that the item which you highlight is the odd one out. Again, like Pete never spotted it before. I wonder if anybody will come up with a similiar and unusual position for the swastika on an NSBO daybadge? Andy
  2. Hi Pete Supporter, probably financial, of the RAD in Franken. Looks a well made badge which encourages me to suggest a civilian pin to recognise the welcome services /support of those in the Nuremburg area. Catch you soon Andy
  3. Hi It was an award to members of the Hitler Youth for sporting prowess in 1936. There are similar badges for recognising sporting achievements in other years. Best Wishes Andy
  4. I agree too. A good example of a local firm supporting another town from Saxony. Andy
  5. Hi Chris As I understand the history of the Reichsberufswettkampf, the competition began in 1934 and grew in terms of participants throughout 1935, 1936, and 1937. Restructured in 1938, and with a wider base of participants, the badges which are similar to the one in your photograph were introduced for competition winners at Kreis , Gau and Reich levels. I am afraid that your award is in my opinion a fake. Best Wishes Andy
  6. Hi Don I guess that you are familiar with the work of Ingo Haarcke who has written on the shooting badges. A useful article in Militaria Marz/April 1997 provides invaluable detail on badges and associated documents for Tirol-Vorarlberg 1938-44. A much neglected area.Good hunting. Andy
  7. Hi Pete The info I provided came from Holger Rosenberg, Spendenbelege Des WHW und KWHW 1933-45. See you at Bromsgrove this time. Andy
  8. Hi Would suggest that the plakette maybe a competitors /commerative piece for the Deutschen Kampfspiele which was held every 4 years. {Berlin 22, Koln 26, Breslau 30, Nurnberg 34}. The winners plakettes are also interesting. Your example looks in excellent condition. well-done. Andy
  9. Hi Pete A glass plaketten produced to support the 3.winterhilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes 1935/36.Came in 3 colours brown, green and the grey- blue you show here. All the best for the new year. Andy
  10. hi Alex I think that your flag maybe the NS Musterbetriebsfahne more frequentlly refered to as the Nazi model factory Golden Flag.It was introduced by Fuhrer decree on 29 August 1936, as part of a package of propaganda measures by the DAF to increase production within the framework of the 4 year economic plan , and also to engender the Nazi Volksgemeinschaft across factories. An annual contest provided a framework for factories to compete for awards which included elaborate citations and cased plaques. I suspect your flag maybe the indoor variety awarded{judging by its condition} as opposed to the more robustly produced flag which could be secured by winning factories for display outside. Hope that this helps. Andy
  11. Pete, Excellent badges looking forward to the next posts. See you soon. Andy
  12. This is very sad news.I spoke with Harvey at the Arms fair in Birmingham on 16 Sept, he had lost a lot of weight but not his spirit and banter. Nice man I will miss him.
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