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  1. This mis-matched set of Bravery order was sold for 12 000 Euro + 27% buyer's premium, total of 15 240 Euro!!!
  2. 922F, Your stories are like the ones from the spy novels! You lived through some interesting times and events! In reference to possibility of your host being Petrov or Pavlov it looks like they were too young. You said then your host was around 60 in 1980, which will make him around 100 today. Pavlov passed away couple years ago and he was in his 80s. I don't have data handy for age of T. Petrov, but for some reason I though of him as being younger as well. I could be wrong, but I recall reading somewhere that he was in his 40s in 1980s.
  3. Hi 922F, Your story is a fascinated one, even if it was not Raynov. Not everyone was able to put together such great collection, it was certainly off limits for an ordinary collector during communist time. First, rare awards were always super expensive and not affordable on a regular salary. One had to have extra sources of income, often illegal ones, like having secret factory to make things in high demand - clothes, shoes, etc. Such entrepreneurs vigorously protected they identities and did not display their wealth, did not buy expensive items, because tha
  4. Here is an article about robbery of Raynov's home: https://www.168chasa.bg/article/2375452 There are some medals mentioned in the list of stolen items. Also, apparently he had large art and books collection, which you likely saw if you visited his home. At the bottom of the page there are photos his house and apartment building - do they look familiar? More: https://blitz.bg/article/18802 http://bolgari.org/oshte_prizhive_bogomil_rainov__stopil__domashniia_si_muzei-el-916.html https://www.marica.bg/balgariq/100-g-ot-rojdenieto-na-bog
  5. Just to clarify, the fake in this photo and the link (the one which was sold to me long time ago) is a partial fake: - Center part on the front is real, with hard enamels, - Cross with white enamel is fake - soft enamel and weird finish on the back. It looks like someone found parts of old award and made missing parts from scratch.
  6. I know exactly what you mean, I once bought a copy with such fastener (I was lucky to be able to return it). I'll try to search for pics on my old PC drive. It looks like star in the latest "set" has enamel cracks on the left side of top and bottom arms, which is a good indication that it's hard enamel. If that is the case chances are that star is real.
  7. So, what do you think is happening here: - Seller is trying to deceive, - Seller really doesn't know the difference?
  8. Supposedly this is 1st class set of Bravery Order. However, it looks like a mismatched set: 1) Star from 1st class, 68 mm wide. 2) Cross is from 2nd class: - height is 73 mm, - width is 52 mm (which is measurement of 2nd class). 1st class should be 59 mm wide.
  9. Impressive find! The most difficult one to obtain - due to rarity and sky high cost!!!
  10. Well, it could be a version to consider, but the award was sold as attributed to a German General, who served during WWI, so he had to be awarded during Ferdinand time, as after 1918 German Empire did not exist: "Aus dem direkten Nachlaß des Generals der Kavallerie Ludwig Moritz Camillo Freiherr von Müller (1854-1943), Generaladjutant König Friedrich August III. von Sachsen (1865-1932, reg. von 1905 bis 1918). " So, here you have a discrepancy and his award must be manufactured during Ferdinand period.
  11. I agree that it's not an ideal situation to discuss awards based only on the photos, but that's the best we have in this situation. Unless a member forum bought this award and decides to share more details with us. As far as awards were put away and not being worn - there are signs of wear: 1) Damage to enamel on the cross - front of left arm along the edge and back of right arm. 2) Loss on gold plating on top of the cross under the loop. This was caused by cross being lifted and rubbed against the lower edge of the crown. These signs of wear likely were not created by a
  12. Bulgarian St Alexander Grand Cross set was sold last week at an auction for 6000 Euro + buyer premium, around $9000. I was talking to some collectors about this award and few interesting observations were made casting doubts on this set. 1) Cross seems to be not from Grand Cross grade, but from a lower class: - It has massive loop on top like on Commander crosses, that loop should not be on the Grand Cross, because the cross is attached to sash with separate carbine type device. Massive loop is really for wearing on a neck ribbon. - Crown looks too small proportiona
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