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  1. Interesting - all known attributed Civil Merit awards seem to be to foreigners. Except 1st class posted by Igor. Small sample to draw any conclusions, perhaps Bulgarian documents did not survive.
  2. Thank you Igor, this is really nice example of this award! Perhaps my post was not very clear, what I was trying to say was - we can't say that they specifically made 1st class or 2nd class in flat emission. Rather, they made limited quantity of 'flat' Commander crosses, which later could be awarded by themselves (as 3rd class) or paired with 1st or 2nd class stars. We don't know how this pairing process worked and how many - if any at all - 1st class awards were created. Following Igor's example, we know there was one award of Civil Merit. We don't know of any Military Merit 1st class awards. Interestingly, the awards for 2nd class with documents I observed were both given to foreigners - one to an Italian Diplomat and another to a Professor/Rector of a University in Slovakia.
  3. I received new book. I quickly went through the book and overall I like it. There are some interesting photos of the awards and documents that I never saw before. The format of the book and design of the pages remind me of books by Petrov.
  4. Well, it's debatable whether there was even a 1st class in flat emission. The size of the cross during 1930s was the same for 3rd, 2nd and 1st classes, only the star identified the award to a certain class. This means that if you have a neck cross in 3rd class you can match it with a star and make it a 1st or 2nd class set. We have to look at the awards with provenance. In over 20 years collecting I never saw a 1st class in flat emission neither in Civil Merit nor in Military Merit. Furthermore, I only saw few 2nd class sets which came with the documents. Again, not saying with 100% certainty that 1st class did not exist in flat version, perhaps they are just so rare that I never encountered one, but based on my personal experience I am sceptical.
  5. Than you for posting these medals! This variation is super rare, was supposedly made only for one year.
  6. hi Igor, It seems quite reasonably priced at only 22.30 Euro. It looks like the books can be ordered here: https://bgknigite.com/shop/орденът-за-храброст-сред-отличият/?v=a112b4dbca96 Seller accepts PayPal and other forms of payment (bank, etc.). I am a bit confused on the area this book covers - the title makes it sound like it focuses on Bravery Order, but I see that 1st half is on other Bulgarian awards and last part is on modern Bravery order, which leaver around 70 something pages to cover actual Bravery Order from Royal times. The books appears to have some material and photos from this forum. Anyway, I am looking forward to this book!
  7. Nice, he was a pilot. I am sure there were more than one awarding of this order to Romanians.
  8. Just because the quality of these old stars is lacking it does not mean they are automatically fakes or copies. There were official manufacturers with consistent top quality products and there were private makers, with whom the quality was all over the place.
  9. Good luck to him. My guess is it will be sitting there forever at this price.
  10. Lovely Bravery awards, thanks for sharing! That box for 3rd class is quite rare!
  11. Excellent medal! It's the rarest of them all.
  12. Very nice Royal Romanian medals, they look original to me! Is there anything specific you'd like to know?
  13. I second 922F's opinion, this crown looks like Eastern Orthodox type, it was probably taken from some church award. The cross is early Schwerdtner type, pre-1908 type. I'd say the original crown was lost or damaged and was replaced with church one.
  14. This mis-matched set of Bravery order was sold for 12 000 Euro + 27% buyer's premium, total of 15 240 Euro!!!
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