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  1. Hi Chris, can highly reccomend a fine lady who lives in Paris, Mrs Anne Morddel amerigen@yahoo.com cheers Bob
  2. Thanks a lot - just the info I needed Bob
  3. Hi all, Can anyone explain the purpose of the 1, 2 3 or 4 page Etat de Services you see around which detail a French soldier or Officers military career , wounds and decorations ? Who prepares this document, where and why ? thanks all Bob
  4. Hi all, looking to contact a reasearcher who can work in SHAT ( Service Historique de l'Armee de Terre / Chateau de Vincennes) or the Archives (Service des Archives de l'Arm?e de Terre), to obtain copies of officer's military records., any help appreciated. thanks Bob
  5. Thanks again, Rick, My mistake in typing the Bavarian MVO, you are right, without swords. Thanks a bunch for the info on the Baden order. very much appreciated. As I am terribly new to Imperial German, is there some basic work or works I can read to start understanding the orders award system, like how did you know he had a Baden decoration ?? This is all very overwhelming for me. Just beginning to collect rangelists and stuff like that. So far I usually have been collectring Militarpass's to enlisted and NCO with very simple medal entitlements. I am only interested in theaters
  6. Here is a copy of my document to Walter Engelbrecht Kommandeur II Batallon 2. Matrosenregiment, 9 Oct 1918 Bob
  7. Hi Glenn & Rick, Many thanks for your assistance, you have both added info that I did not have. I have most of his papers, promotion patents etc, and award documents and decoration for the Hohenzollern House Order. I did not have his urkunde showing he was awarded the Saxon Albert Order. His Bavarian Military Merit Order 4th Class with swords was warded March 12th, 1912. He received the Kolonialdenkmunze mit spange - DEUTSCH-OSTAFRIKA 1905-07 for his role in the Maji-Maji Rebellion in East Africa. He is also mentioned in a book I had translated and published in a limited edition
  8. Dear Regulus I have recently acquired a group to Major Walter Engelbrecht, who commanded II Bataillon 2 Matrosenregiment1917-18, later adjutant 1 Marinedivision. Previously he was in 1 Marineinfanterieregeimt 1914-16, then adjutant 3 and 1 Marinebrigade, 1916-17. do you have any information on him in your records grateful thanks in advance Bob
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