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  1. The one you refer to, was awarded with a doc by HG if my memory serves me well and was in Gold with a blue stone
  2. Hi all, I am looking for pics of this emblem (elephant with umbrella) worn on side caps or visor caps Thanks
  3. with the white jacket Major M?ncheberg, Joachim * 31.12.1918 Friedrichshof, Krs. Dramburg + 23.03.1943 s?dwestlich Maknassy/Tunesien Ritterkreuz am: 14.09.1940 als: Oberleutnant Funktion: Staffelkapit?n 7./JG 26 "Schlageter" 12. Eichenlaub am: 07.05.1941 als Oberleutnant Staffelkapit?n 7./JG 26 "Schlageter" 19. Schwerter am: 09.09.1942 als Hauptmann stellv. Kommodore JG 51 "M?lder" http://www.das-ritterkreuz.de/index_search...earchword=munch big boy in the middle Generalfeldmarschall Sperrle, Hugo * 07.02.1885 Ludwigsburg + 02.04.1953 M?nchen Ritte
  4. Like all uniform/ equipement parts used by civilians after the war (pull over, shirts, ties ...), braces are not easy to find but they are so typical - I refer to the braces for flying pants
  5. darkness condition, night ........... yup 2 small batteries in the body of the pencil
  6. more typical (IMO) from early war (bombers, reco and stukas) it seems they were also used on U-boats, see "Torpedo los" by G. Williamson
  7. tons of photos are offered for sale everyday and everywhere As usual, it is more a matter to know what you look for and to go for details Granted, it takes time but compared to what you can find, it is worth it, I believe
  8. If possible, I would like to see p?cs or scans of them as given by vet associations
  9. Ritterkreuz am: 26.03.1941 als: Kapit?nleutnant Funktion: Kommandant U-106 Was he engaged in the Spanish Civil War with the LC? Any pic showing his medals?
  10. Before moving to the GD, Matheja Siegmund, went in 1941 to U-Booschule 6. U-Booflotilla U-445 * badge for display only as it didn"t come with the document
  11. Well, here is a postwar photo of him in (what I believe) a police uniform
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