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  1. The one you refer to, was awarded with a doc by HG if my memory serves me well and was in Gold with a blue stone
  2. Hi all, I am looking for pics of this emblem (elephant with umbrella) worn on side caps or visor caps Thanks
  3. Fran?ois is one of the most knowledgeable people in the field of Luftwaffe awards out there. A true gentleman as Gordon points out.

  4. with the white jacket Major M?ncheberg, Joachim * 31.12.1918 Friedrichshof, Krs. Dramburg + 23.03.1943 s?dwestlich Maknassy/Tunesien Ritterkreuz am: 14.09.1940 als: Oberleutnant Funktion: Staffelkapit?n 7./JG 26 "Schlageter" 12. Eichenlaub am: 07.05.1941 als Oberleutnant Staffelkapit?n 7./JG 26 "Schlageter" 19. Schwerter am: 09.09.1942 als Hauptmann stellv. Kommodore JG 51 "M?lder" http://www.das-ritterkreuz.de/index_search...earchword=munch big boy in the middle Generalfeldmarschall Sperrle, Hugo * 07.02.1885 Ludwigsburg + 02.04.1953 M?nchen Ritterkreuz am: 17.05.1940 als: General der Flieger Funktion: Chef Luftflotte 3 http://www.das-ritterkreuz.de/index_search...;searchword=spe
  5. Like all uniform/ equipement parts used by civilians after the war (pull over, shirts, ties ...), braces are not easy to find but they are so typical - I refer to the braces for flying pants
  6. darkness condition, night ........... yup 2 small batteries in the body of the pencil
  7. more typical (IMO) from early war (bombers, reco and stukas) it seems they were also used on U-boats, see "Torpedo los" by G. Williamson
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