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  1. Here are our original photographs for this badge. No labels etc on case, other than the stamp inside. Tom thanks for photographs of your 3rd class - nice & clear
  2. Imperial Maritime Association Supporting Member Badge 帝國海事協會 賛助員章 Imperial Maritime Association Regular Member Badge 帝國海事協會 通常會員章 Imperial Maritime Association Badges - Supporting Members above and Donations Badges below Imperial Maritime Association Merit Badge. Given for donations of 30
  3. Ooops - here's the 6th class in case.
  4. Thanks for posting this badge, I haven't seen a photograph of it before. Here's a composite of 3 badges from the same organisation. Also, 4 separate shots of a 6th Class badge. If possible, could you post some "square on" pictures of your badge - front, rear, in case and case lid? That would be good. 義勇艦隊建設 Volunteer Fleet Construction 六第功勞章 6th Class Merit Award 帝國海事協會 Imperial Naval Association and the 7th Class Volunteer ship construction memorial badge (including manufacturer's label) Rear 義勇艦建設記念章
  5. Here are scans of all my Mongolian Deputy Booklets.
  6. A few unusual deputy badges A B-11 - representative of the capital city (with alternative fixing) 2 unusual coloured B-15s - deputy of the province council with alternative fixing district representative badge (not in Dr Battushig's book) small size district representative badge
  7. B-13, B-15, B-16, B-17 (sorry, no B-14)
  8. more B-08s sorry - format wrong. Try these instead.
  9. more council badges to follow, and deputy booklets.
  10. individual photographs of B-04s - 0003, 0671, 0845 B-05 B-06 - #0031 I don't have a B-07, but here's the photograph from Dr Battushig's book for information. now for B-08 - no number, dull finish
  11. and a couple of composite photographs.
  12. a few more deputy badges - first a B-02 next some B-03s
  13. I've had this Deputy Badge for a good number of years now, so decided I should share the photos. and this, much more common, Lower House deputy badge
  14. Here's are photographs of the badge & case
  15. Japanese & Manchukuo Pilot Badges
  16. DavidS

    Hong Kong auction

    Stunning medals. Wish I'd known about this auction in time to arrange absentee bidding.
  17. another 25th Wedding Anniversary - unfortunately without a case.
  18. A Victorious Return Commemorative Medal (design by Suzuki Umekichi)
  19. a little something to brighten up the weekend, starting with 2 7th class together. The one on the left hand side, and all the single photos, are a new acquisition.
  20. Two Victorious Return Celebration Medals First - two medals together, then the "silvered" one on its own
  21. not so tough for me - the one I have has an original ribbon.
  22. #53 - NGO 1894-5 War Medal (designed by Suzuki Umakichi) #54 - 1894-95 Conquering of China Medal #55 - Saitama Veterans' Group 1894-95 War Medal (designed by Suzuki Umakichi) #56 - 1894-95 Commemorative Medal
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