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  1. Hi all, Just recently bought this nice documented set awarded to Pertsevoi Ivan Ivanovich. His Capture of Berlin and 30th Anniversary medal booklets indicated he was with the 676th Rifle Regt, still have to translate, however it includes: OGPW2 1985 #5918446 with award booklet Guards Badge Mounted set of four: Valour Medal #2609708 with award booklet dated 1 June 1945 Victory Over Germany Capture of Berlin with booklet 30th Anniversary of the Red Army with booklet The Valor Medal is nicely worn with some dirt/grease stains, from what I can find so far the number puts the award
  2. Hi Mark thank you for your added information on the Star. It is interesting how some recipients felt inclined to alter their medals as you've mentioned. I understand the Khedive's Star also caused a lot of scratches mounted next to the Egypt Medal so that could have been a motive for converting it. I wonder if there are any other medals that were often found in brooch style, maybe the Kabul to Kandahar Star? Jeff
  3. I've been reading "Yanks Meet Reds" and it is a fascinating insight into the historic meeting on the Elbe, especially from the Soviet perspective which I'm going through right now. So indeed Nemkov's 173rd Regt was in the vicinity of Torgau and I just wonder how many of the people interviewed in the book he knew or served with - or whether he participated himself in the celebrations that took place after the 25th of April. The 175th Regt was stationed to the south in the villages of Kreinitz, Strehla, and Reisa which is roughly 20km from Torgau so the 173rd's area of operations couldn't hav
  4. I now have the complete gazette listing and citations for the 900+ British Bronze Star recipients so I can begin narrowing down the list. It's a start and will take some time but should be able to rule out anyone without an MBE and anyone who served in an operational theatre to begin with. Then eventually I can hopefully triangulate with Legion of Honour recipients from a few French resources I found. Process of elimination may just work, even if its only to attribute to the recipient Jeff
  5. I believe the last ribbon would be the Fire Brigade Long Service Medal and not the 1937 Coronation, it fits given the photo was from 1955 after the award was instituted. So I would say the ribbon set is the correct precedence, and the single BWM would be plausible as Chris mentioned. Jeff
  6. Just continuing with some research, while some elements of the 1st Ukrainian Front pushed north in late April and participated in the Battle of Berlin, the 58th Guards Rifle Division under the 5th Guards Army simultaneously swung west to the Elbe so Gds. Jr. Sgt. Nemkov would not have received the Capture of Berlin Medal - however I'm discovering that elements of the 2nd Bn, 173rd Regt were among the first Russian soldiers who met the U.S. 69th Div patrols near Torgau. I'm not sure which Battalion he served in but I think it is safe to say he was in the very near vicinity of Torgau on the d
  7. And here is his award booklet for his Order of the Patriotic War 2nd Class from 1985 - does anyone know how it was decided whether a veteran received the 1st or 2nd Class - decorations, service, wounds? His Order Ser# is 3415807, if anyone happens to come across it, please let me know as I would love to keep it with his group! Thanks.
  8. Here is his birthplace, I figured out that the РСФСР stands for RSFSR (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) which narrows it down a little but from what I can find as it was the largest republic. Again if anyone can please translate, thank you!
  9. This page lists his wounds and government awards. If anyone can make out what his injuries were on 21 Feb 1944 and the first word above his list of medals (has an !) that would be awesome. I've translated the medals as his Prague and VOG.
  10. Hi Paul it is the first time I saw these kind of documents as well, you can almost trace his service battle by battle, town by town for the last year of the War, very fascinating. The large citation looks like it has some thin strips on the back to stabilize it, but the folds are still very delicate so I think I will frame it to protect it. The smaller citations, guards badge document and award booklet are all quite fragile too so I'm handling with great care. Here are some photos of his Military ID booklet, if anyone is able to translate the cursive Cyrillic that would be very appreciated.
  11. Hi Dan, thanks for the reply, I am very pleased with the group and really enjoy the translating and research, you never know what you are going to find Sadly the 85 OGPW2 is not with the group, only the booklet, as well I assume he would have at least been entitled to the 20, 30, and 40th Anniversary of the GPW medals, and the 50, 60, & 70 Years of the Armed Forces ones too but unfortunately they are missing as well. I just discovered today he first served with the 140th Rifle Regiment from Jan-Feb 44 before presumably being wounded - haven't been able to find what Front-Army-Divisi
  12. Here are the three citations from the 58th Division listing the towns he participated in liberating. I welcome any corrections or further information anyone may have on these interesting documents. Thanks.
  13. Here is the issue document for his Guard badge with translation. CITATION HKO-CCCP 173rd GUARDS Rifle Regiment (58th Guards Division - 5th Guards Army) 6 July, 1945 No. 77 Issued by the Guard – Junior Sergeant Mikhail. Y. Demkov That he [served] for 173 Guards Rifles Czestochowa (City in Poland liberated 16 Jan 1945) Red Banner Regt, 58th Guards Rifles (or Small) Krasnogradoka – (Kraski - Polish City?)Order of Lenin, Red Banner, Order of Suvarov Division. From June 30, 1945 No. 76 awarded the title "Guard" on the issuance of the breast badge “GUARDS” AUTHORITY – NKO (Narodnyi
  14. Here is his large citation for service with the 1st Ukrainian Front - does anyone know if everyone received one of these or do they specifically list only the individual's service? I managed to use the Cryllic characters on my computer's word program then translated online. Took some time but worked fairly well. CITATION Guards Junior Sergeant Mikhail Yakovlevich Demkov Dear Comrade! The Great Patriotic War [has] victoriously completed. [The] Red Army [fought] in fierce battles against the Nazi invaders to defend the honor, freedom and independence of our Motherland, providing mill
  15. Hello, I am new to this forum and this is my first Soviet medal group - I'm fascinated now with these awards and how well documented some of the recipients can be. This group includes the Liberation of Prague and Victory Over Germany Medals with award booklets, Guards badge with issue document from July 1945, three citations for participation in taking cities through German Silesia including Poland, Germany, and Czechoslovakia, and a large citation for service in the 1st Ukrainian Front. There is also his Military ID with picture and the award booklet for his 1985 Order of the Patriotic
  16. Just noticed It is actually a U.S. Bronze Star, you can see the very bottom of the ribbon has the blue centre with white edges, and the star itself is raised with the rays down the centre of each arm. The Silver Star has a wreath around the centre star. Jeff
  17. I believe his rank epaulettes are those of a full Colonel (one crown, two bath stars) and I agree that it is most likely the man from the obituary - he is Canadian as his ribbons include the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with Maple Leaf representing the overseas clasp, and the Canadian Forces Decoration. Having only the 1939-45 Star and F&G Star also lines up with his service from the obituary and he was the attache in Germany around the same time. Jeff
  18. Hi Herman, thanks for the info, it has 1870 at the 6 o'clock position with some chipping to the enamel so it must have been before 1951, I still strongly believe it was given either during or shortly after the War. Jeff
  19. The Medal for Distinguished Labor in Mining and Geology, type 1, var. 2 (vertical pin).
  20. This is a small collection of badges I recently bought, some of them I recognize on this thread already. I tried to translate the words on each so that is all I know about them. From left to right top to bottom: 1. Monument of Mother Albania badge 2. Badge for Distinguished Students 3. Badge for Distinguished Employees 4. Albanian Democratic Front (FDSH) Distinguished Activist Badge 5. Skenderbeu Badge 6. Albanian Flag pin 7. Red Star cap badge Most of the pins are made of very thin, cheaper looking metal. The last one is my 15th Anniversary of the People's Army badge with the Pobe
  21. Here is my new Order of Skanderbeg 2nd Class, and according to Eric Shena's reference book looks like the type 2, var. 3 by PRAWEMA.
  22. Here is a small documented group I picked up recently, when I bought them I was unaware they were awarded to the same person so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out. The group includes: A Medal for Bravery, type 1, awarded to Sotir Cimo Rapo on 21 Aug 1948, No. 685, the citation is roughly translated: "For service to the homeland border protecting against violations and provocations by fascist 'monarko' Greeks, is distinguished for bravery, loyalty, and determination." Then there is a Medal for Meritorious Service to the People, type 1, var. 2 (vertical pin with 'Per Sherbim
  23. Hello, I just recently picked up some nice Albanian awards. Here is a Red Star 1st Class with RPSSH on the bottom of the obverse. I understand that to be the type 2 version, which I understand was awarded after 1976? Jeff
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