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  1. another medalbar Iron Cross second class / Eisernes Kreuz 2 klasse War merit cross 2.class with swords / Kriegsverdienst Kreuz 2 Klasse mit Schwertern Russian front medal / Medaille Winterschacht im Osten 1941-42/Ostmedaille Heer 4 years Service Medal 4. class / Dienstauszeichnung der Wehrmacht 4.Klasse, 4 Jahre Commemorative Medal 1.october 1938 (Sudentenland) / Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. Oktober 1938 + +
  2. Some new Kriegsmarine items Kriegsmarine Boatswain EM`s Career Sleeve insignia Kriegsmarine Obergefreiter Rank Chevron Kriegsmarine EM/NCO Cap Eagle "for D.Duck" Kriegsmarine Marinehelferin Badge
  3. 4 pce medalbar Police Iron Cross second class 1914 / Eisernes Kreuz 2 klasse Hindenburg cross with swords / Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer Police Long Service Cross 2. class 18 years / Polizei Dienstauszeichnung 2. Stufe 18 Jahre Olympic Games Commemorative Medal / Olympia Erinnerungsmedaille
  4. ...........or is it just a fantasy objekt ? The medal is original and the oakleaves also, but do they belong together ? (the left medal) Here you see it together with the oakleves on the Heer 40 years Service Medal (that one for sure is original and correct) Regards JT
  5. Very nice lot with great quality ! To me it seems that everything is original Regards from Norway
  6. JT1959


    Amazing talent you have ! Regards JT
  7. Nice that you appreciate the pictures Gentlemen Here is a small challenge ................ Exists this award? Faithful Service Cross 40 years with Oakleaves Treudienst Ehrenzeichen 40 Jahre mit Eichen and
  8. and inside the box................ Hindenburg cross with swords Faithful Service Cross 2. class 25 years Fire Brigade Decoration 2. class
  9. Here a nice lot I got last year, together with the original box and paper from the store that mounted the medalbar. and and
  10. Thank you again Lambert for helping, regarding correct names on the medals The norwegian "Quisling Cross" is not of the most common award to find. It is also released one 1st class, Breastmedal with pin on the back. Regards JT
  11. 3 pce medalbar Bayern Iron Cross 2nd class WWI Bayern Militär-Verdienstkreuz, III. Klasse mit Schwertern Hindenburg cross with swords
  12. 3 pce medalbar Wuerttemberg Iron Cross 2nd class WWI Wuerttemberg Für tapferkeit & Treue Hindenburg cross with swords
  13. German Order of Merit without swords in silver 1937 (m.m. Pr Münze Berlin) Deutsche Verdienstmedaille in Silber Please help me with the name for this one also ! and
  14. German Order of Merit without swords in bronse 1943 (mm 30 Hauptmünzamt Wien) Deutsche Verdienstmedaille in Bronze Is the medals name correct ? and
  15. Last one for today Tapper og Tro medaljen 1944 Bravery and Loyality Cross (Quisling Cross) Bronze Latin cross with out-turned ends to the arms, crossed swords between the arms, with loop for ribbon suspension; the face with ‘Sun Eagle’ symbol of the Nasjonal Samling, being a circular gilt-edged red enamel disc bearing a gold cross, a gilt eagle with wings outstretched above; the reverse inscribed ‘TAPPER OG TRO’ in ‘Nordic’ script; on original ribbon with top bar mounted for wear. The Cross began life as the ‘Order for Bravery and Loyalty’, instituted by the collaborationist Nasjonal S
  16. Police Long Service Cross 1. class 25 years 1938 Polizei Dienstauszeichnung 1. Stufe 25 Jahre Regards JT and
  17. Police Long Service Cross 2. class 18 years 1938 Polizei Dienstauszeichnung 2. Stufe 18 Jahre and
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