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  1. Hello, this could also be a possibility. In my opinion he looks very french but no idea if he´s french. May be some uniform-experts could say something? Best wishes Karsten
  2. Hello Veteran, thanks a lot for your comment. I thought he could be a legionnaire, because the photo came from a german photo album and the photo was taken in Würzburg (Bavaria).... ....far away from France. But interesting to read that it could be also a campaign medal for Italy or China/Mexico. Pity that there is no unique solution. Best wishes Karsten
  3. At first thanks to all for your kindly words. @christerd Sure, may be I should send you a scan with a higher solution? @turtle Unfortunately not. No more entries in "Deutsches Kolonialblatt" between 1900 - 1918. Best wishes and thanks again Karsten
  4. Hello at all, in a german photo album I find this interesting photo. In that album were also some photos from Russia but the most photos came from the territory Bavaria. Could this guy be a foreign legionnaire?? In my opinion he´s wearing: médaille militaire (Modèle du 2nd Empire 1852 - 1870 ?) Crimea Medal ?? (near the ribbon ring, you can recognize some stripes!) Could he really be a high decorated Crimea veteran?? Best wishes Karsten P.S.: The photo was taken in Würzburg
  5. Hello at all, today I like to present an interesting estate of a Red-cross-sister who received the "Hindenburgkreuz" in 1937. Mrs. Stüven served in German-Eastafrica during the World War 1 Unfortunately it´s unknown when she came in captivity... ...if she came in captivity. I only know that she reached (with the steamer "Feldmarschall") Rotterdam on 26th february 1919.... ...together with Lettow-Vorbeck and his last Eastafrica-fighters! Mrs. Stüven received the red-cross-medal 3rd and 2nd class. Both signed by "Major Keil" (Kommando der Schutztruppen im Reichskoloni
  6. Nice thread I think it´s the right place for posting my doc of the famous Seesoldat Richard Horn... ...one of the defenders of Peking! Best wishes Karsten
  7. Thanks a lot for the info. Sadly to see that he died in one of the first battles of WW1. Best wishes Karsten
  8. Hello, nearly one year ago I acquired the correspondence-estate of Hptm. Eymael. This correspondence-estate of Hptm. Eymael was so important for me because I own a photo of him. So I wanted to know more about him and his service in Cameroon, Fernando Poo and Zaragoza/ Spain. In a letter I could find the following interesting entry. It tells shortly about the destiny of one of his lieutenants. Thereby you can imagine that the colonial service was a hard job. Hptm. Eymael wrote: "One of my lieutenants had a nervous breakdown and has to travel back to Germany after a service of 2 and
  9. That´s true. Maybe I can research the missing chapter one day. Best wishes Karsten
  10. In 1903 of "DKB" (Deutsches Kolonialblatt) I could find this entry. So something must be happen during his vacation in Germany (between october 1903 and May 1904) . He never returned to German-Eastafrica. Best wishes Karsten
  11. Hello and thanks a lot for your infos and sources. According to MVB (Marine-Verordnungsblätter) the portuguese order was awarded in 1899 ( 18th september 1899 ) Is it possible to find out if he received the fighter or non-fighter version of both commemorative medals? In 1902 he was "leit. Zahlm. d. Zahlm. Sekt" of the 1st Werftdivision in Kiel. So I would prefer a china-steel-medal. Thanks a lot Best wishes Karsten
  12. Hello, now I will present you one of my research successes. Normally it is impossilbe to identify such a photo without a bar. But in this case it was possible Which sources I needed? For a fast research I have used: "Geschichte der kaiserlichen Schutztruppe für Deutsch-Ostafrika" by Nigmann, Ernst. There are all officers and medical officers listed. And the only thing I had to do was to look up for an "Oberleutnant" of the kaiserliche Schutztruppe in GEA whose earlier troop unit was the Inf.-Regt. No. 75. Bingo, there was only one possibility. Oblt. Alfred von Müller who
  13. Hello, today I will present you my newest item. It´s Marine-Stabszahlmeister Emil Wachsmann. He entered the navy on 30.april 1863. He had a nice medal bar: RAO4 KO4 1870/71 steel medal on the non-combatants ribbon 1864 (not often to see on naval bars!) war medal for fighters or non-fighters (?) China-medal for fighters or non-fighters (?) Centenary medal PBd´A3 Not often seen a german medal bar with a portuguese decoration. I hope you like it, also. Best wishes Karsten
  14. Thanks a lot for your help. Especially to Andy. Now I could find out that Mutschall served as a "Feldlazarett-Inspektor" in "Lazareth-Reservedepot" of the OEK. I can imagine that all of you invest many hours and money to get that knowledge for research work. I´m still working for my personally research data base By now I´m writing down all the important informations from DKB (Deutsches Kolonialblatt) and have finished those volumes (1900-1903) of the MWB (Militär-Wochenblatt) which are important for the boxer-rebellion. Sure those are only secondary sources and not complete ....b
  15. Центральный архив Министерства обороны Российской Федерации Адрес: 142100, г. Подольск Московской области, ул. Кирова, 74. Тел.: (4967)69-96-20, 69-95-59, 69-91-71 central archive of Department of Defense of Russia Adress: 142100. Podolsk area of Moscow, street Kirova 74 telefon: (4967) 69-96-20, 69-95-59, 69-91-71 Проезд: электричка: с Курского вокзала или от метро «Царицыно» до ст. Подольск, далее троллейбусами 1, 2 или автобусами 10, 14, 15 до остановки «Архив» рейсовый автобус: от метро «Южная» автобусами 406, 417 до остановки «Архив» Время работы: понедельник—четверг:
  16. Yes you´re absolutely right. Missing NCO long service brooch..... ....so he can´t be a paymaster. I attach the shoulderboard of him and I recognize the imperial eagle and a single pip (like an "Oberleutnant" equivalent as you said). Now I´m hoping that Siekmann will give us a match. Best wishes and thanks for helping me Karsten
  17. Hello, I have this interesting photo of a paymaster (or military servant). Unfortunately the medal bar is not so clearly but I assume the following decorations on his bar: KO4 AEZ Red Cross Medal 3rd class prussian lifesaving medal or 1870/71 war-medal (?) China-medal for fighters Centenary-medal Could he be identifiable? Unfortunately I couldn´t find anyone with that combination in the rank lists of 1902, 1904, 1905 and 1908 Nice to see also his rare spiked sun-helmet. I hope you can help me and give him his name back. Best wishes Karsten
  18. Another one with an interesting medal-bar. The wearer is Forstmeister and Hauptmann der Landwehr Pogge. During the boxer-rebellion he was member of the "Reitende Feldjäger". Curios to see that he received decorations (for his service during the boxer-rebellion) from Russia and Italia but nothing from Prussia Best wishes Karsten
  19. Nice to see an earlier photo of Kanzlei-Inspekteur im Militär-Kabinett Hugo Streit. Thanks for posting it. Here is a later photo of him with a bigger medal bar. Best wishes Karsten
  20. Thanks to Daniel Here you will find a nice discussion: http://h1797427.stratoserver.net/public_html/wbb3/board3-3/board50-fotodokumente-fotoalben/42147-afrikaveteran-mit-reichlich-orden/#post254902 Best wishes Karsten
  21. It´s Rittmeister Wrzodeck who was member of the "Masurische Train-Abteilung Nr. 20" (1914). He had KO4x and PK Best wishes Karsten
  22. Wow thanks a lot. What a wonderful and fast research, thanks a lot for your help. So it is Wilhelm von Veltheim... .....one more photo with a name Best wishes Karsten
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