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  1. Es handelt sich um das Kreuz des bayerischen Freiwilligenkorps in Griechenland von 1837. Grüße Düppel
  2. Hello Rick, I think you can remove the question mark behind Erwin von R?mer. He changed to the air force in 1934. In WWI he was an observer. Best regards Dueppel
  3. Hallo, I think there is no chance to identify the owner of the medal bar. 1. It was Ass.Arzt Dr. Castillon,who got the MEZ2 with the white ribbon in 1864 . But also got a MEZ1 in 1866. 2. In the RL 1870/71 St.Arzt Dr. Castillion is listed with both MEZ, but the white ribbon is not mentioned. May be that there other MEZ2 with white ribbons, which are not mentioned in the OL and RL. 3. In the 1868 OL there is no MEZ2 with a white ribbon for 1866 listed. Open question: Why is there a 1870 Combat Medal? Dueppel
  4. Hallo Paul, when you reason that the bar is put together the incorrect mounting is a substantial argument. But the existence of the PKO3X without China, SWA or the Colonial campaign medal is an invalid argument. Reasons: 108 Officers were decorated with the PKO3X in WWI in 1917 and 1918. 45 of those have been germans. The PKO3X of the bar is doubtless silver gilt. That stands for the potential existence of 45 bars without campaign medals. If the PKO3X should be gold the number of potential bars is 15. Best regards Dueppel
  5. He got the Albrecht Knight Cross with swords on 23.04.1871. In the 1873 ranklist it is mentioned as SA3 with KD. Best regards Dueppel
  6. The award dates of his prussian orders are: 07.09.1896 RAO 4 04.05.1892 KrO 4 10.02.1906 KrO 3
  7. Hello Rick, perhaps I can help you. Here are Schimpf?s ribbon bars or two of his ribbon bars. Although we never know all things exactly., I?m sure you can exclude Schimpf. Best regards Dueppel
  8. Hello, these roman numberals you can often find on Prussian breast start. Usually the pin, the corpus, the medaillon in the centre and sometimes the ring around the medaillon are signed with the same roman numeral. Probably these marks were made for the differentiation of parts of different stars, while producing small series. Best regards Dueppel
  9. Hello, I order one volume of each roll, which is or will be published. Regards Dueppel
  10. Hallo, The Officer on the photo is Genmaj. Ludwig von Friedeburg. Dueppel
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