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  1. Hi Yorkstone, Very nice ,well done and thank you for posting. I'm afraid I can't match those but here's mine. Regards, Oldscrew
  2. Hi Yorkstone, Thank you for clarifying that the design of the HMPS long service medal was generic and not totally based on Dartmoor Prison. I am also aware of the effort you and others put in to establish the award of the medal to prison staff, thank you. Oldscrew
  3. Hi HMPbadges, Glad to see you've joined the forum. Here are the other crowns crown/s that would have fitted into the centre of the plate. This type of badge is probably generic and worn in other British Colonial prisons. Oldscrew
  4. So saddened to hear of the passing of Mervyn. Although I never met the gentleman and only spoke to him once by phone it was obvious to realise his passion and knowledge in his field of collecting and of this particular forum. If it hadn't have been for him I doubt if I would have joined. Rest in peace / Cysgu dawel Mervyn, Gwynne
  5. Hello both, Thank you very much for the information and the pictures.I had hoped very much that prison service badges would have been included in British Colonial Badges vols.1 & 2 by Barry, Margaret Renfrew and Bill Cranston but once again they were omitted ,the forgotten service.
  6. Mike, That is a very nice collection of badges you have. I wonder if you have any information on the w/m HMP badge within the wreath it isn't UK but colonial to the best of my knowledge. As for the Edward VII badge they are fairly common to come across there is a female version in brass and w/m which the only examples I've ever seen were in the Galleries of Justice Museum, Nottingham. Finally the Prison Inspectors Tipstaff as you quite rightly pointed out was sold at auction in the West Midlands, UK for about £300 pounds to a dealer who subsequently sold it shortly after for £1000.00 n
  7. Hi Odulf, Thank you posting the images.The important fact in correctly indentifying the original badge is its size in this case width 3cm x 3.5cm height.which Gordon stated was collar badge size. Regards
  8. Hello Gordon, The badge is a female senior prison officers cap badge. Officers wore it in brass there also exists an Edward VIII pattern as well as a W/M Queen Elizabeth version. See photo. Regards Gwynne.
  9. Hi Dante, Some very nice pieces thank you for posting. Could you tell me if the earlier PNG prison badges bore a Crown on them ? Regards.
  10. My first attempt at downloading resized photos from collection.The badge underwent a repair from when the first photo was taken as you can see the rear has now got the correct lugs.Maker Dowler. This particular badge in not in Colin R Owens Book.
  11. Hi Mervyn, Thanks for the info and to Dante for the explanation in reference to the epaulette and how they were designated.I had hoped to down load some photos but apparently they are to large will have to work at it. Gwynne
  12. Hi Mervyn, Firstly may I thank you for your welcome.My name is Gwynne Jones and I was the gentleman that phoned you last week making enquiries about the Orange River Prison Colony Badge. In Dantes post you can see a modern day view of Dartmoor Prison the only difference being the old prison bell, which I presume was from inside the prison and rang at specific times to denote the daily running of the prison regime has been placed on top of the inner gate entrance.
  13. Hi Dante, Thank you for posting the pictures.That is some epaulette that you have there Principal Officer with the designation DA001 very nice.
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