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  1. Polsa, Correction, after re searching the RofH I find he is on it under the BTP but only with the information that you have. A glancing search of Ancestry shows that he is, if same man, variously refered to as Leonard Harold, Harold Leonard with the surname Wetherall, Weatherall and Witherall. He was b. Dartford, Kent 1897 and appears to have married a Miss. Vincent in 1922. Regards Peter
  2. Could anyone assist with information on an Inspector J.Davis "B" Divn. Metropolitan Police 1887. Thanks Peter
  3. Polsa, Try Anthony Rae at the Police Roll of Honour Trust, although I know Weatherall does not appear Mr Rae just may be able to assist or point you in right direction as he has great experience of such research. Regards Peter.
  4. Thanks Max, I have no further information on Ivy, only that someone thought she had gone to Cyprus with the Liverpool City contingent. Thanks very much for your efforts and if any further information comes to light I will certainly be in touch. Regards Peter
  5. I am trying to establish if a Female Constable Ivy A. Murray (nee Philips) served in Cyprus as part of the Liverpool City Police Contingent and would be grateful for any help. Thanks
  6. Thanks Guys, Very informative indeed. Will follow up and try to obtain medal. Regards Peter
  7. I have been offered a 1887 Met Police Jubilee medal to PC E. Nursey "A" Division. The vendor has a note with the medal which states " Involved in Jill the Ripper Murders" Which I take to mean he was involved in the investigation re the Murderer Mary Pearcey. I would be grateful for any information on PC Nursey. Many Thanks Peter
  8. Up to mid eighties such behaviour was frowned upon by the UK Police Service with many officers being put on report including one in Liverpool who merely let a football supporter wear his helmet whilst he donned the supporters red/white cap. However, the Powers that be later decided that such displays of interaction were to be encouraged as it would let the public see the human side of the Police. An old hand said to me, " Familiarity breeds contempt, just watch respect for the Police drop" have the intervening years proved him right ?
  9. Hi Alex, I would agree it is a life saving medal awarded by a Society such as the Royal Humane Etc. I have only ever seen one medal with the suspension bar so close to the actual medal and that is the Stanhope medal, however, the medal in the photo does not depict the half circle effect on the suspender. My best guess would be it is a jewellers mounted medal of the Society of the Protection of Life from Fire, this sports a dark Red ribbon. But it is just a guess. Peter
  10. The attached uncut pair of Divisional shoulder titles were given to me many years ago by a WW2 Veteran who had served in the Recon Corps and 11th Hussars. Can anyone identify the Division they represent. Thanks Peter
  11. This medal is now for sale on e-bay but the picture supplied appears to show the name Pontle as do three of the above pictures. Was there a PC Pontle or do I need to go to spec savers !
  12. Odin Mk 3, Many thanks for that, I am obliged to you and Alex for all your help, again enlightening and much appreciated. Regards Peter
  13. Alex, Thanks very much, information very enlightening and much appreciated. Regards Peter
  14. Can anyone assist with information on Constable J. Wyatt 2nd Division and information on 2nd Division would also be appreciated. Regards Peter
  15. Hi Craig, The lad on the Coach appears to say Blue Beanies but my hearings not that good, but I don't recognise that either. You may be right and it was one blokes phrase or he may be referring to the film Yellow submarine where the Blue Meanies were a Clan of Fierce Buffoonish Music Hating Creatures and relating it to Evertonian's. My only regret re this posting is watching that film all through for the interesting bit to be in the last 5 seconds. I hate football so thanks Mate. Yes the predominant name for the Police in Liverpool is Bizzie, I think this relates to Prisoners shouting for something from the cell's to be told " I'm Busy" Regards Peter
  16. Hi Craig, I Did 30 odd years in Liverpool Police, been called a lot of things, Scuffer, Bizzie, Blue Bottle, Rozzer and an awful lot worse but never a Blue Meanie. The hurry up van for transporting Prisoners was known as a Black Maria but I have never heard the phrase Blue Meanie. Regards Peter
  17. Further to last, the Liverpool City Police web site has a photograph of the whole of St Helens CID taken 1960, in all probability your man will be on it. Peter
  18. I believe he was born in Chester, Cheshire c1910 and died at Prescott 1961 aged 50/51 possibly whilst still serving. The St Helens Borough Police area was brought into the Merseyside Police upon its creation in 1974.
  19. Log on to the Liverpool City Police web site, there is a little information on the Force. You could also contact the webmaster and a request for information on your man will be circulated to members. You could also contact the St Helens Branch of the National Association of Retired Police Officers, which is made up of mainly Retired St Helens Borough officers, I think they have a web site too. Good Luck and Regards Peter
  20. Thought this may be of interest : Shortly after the outbreak of WWI the Australian cruiser HMAS Sydney located the German light cruiser Emden in the Cocos Islands. After a brief engagement the Emden was boarded and captured. A quantity of Mexican silver dollars were found in the hold and these were later mounted and presented to the all members of crew. Consists of Kings Crown with dated Scroll and another scroll bearing HMAS Sydney - SMS Emden. Value c. 2009 for this medal was £400
  21. Thanks Mervyn, It is for sale at £850.00 which is not too far off your estimate. It is indeed very elaborate and looks in fantastic condition and bears date 1837 it could be the one you owned as it has not been on site too long. As I say I am not a collector of Truncheons so would be happy to tell anyone with an interest where the Truncheon can be purchased.
  22. Hi Steve, I do not collect Truncheons but it does look lovely and I would have purchased it had it been in the price range you mention but its much more than that. Thanks for prompt and informative reply. Regards Peter
  23. I have recently spotted a Painted Truncheon to the London and Brighton Railway (Police ?) c. 1837 It is in nice condition. The asking price seems high and I wondered if anyone would know what such an item would be worth, I am aware that in the collecting game an item is worth what someone will pay but an idea of price would be most welcome. Peter
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