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  1. Single broken British WW1 victory medal!! Captain James D'Orsay Murray (January 22, 1874 - January 22, 1946) Veteran of the Spanish American war and the blockade of Cuba, Great War British Army and Nationalist speaker for the America First Committee. He was also associated with the Christian American Guards. Served as a Landsman with 1st Naval Battalion (New York Naval Militia) as a with the USS Yankee (Second division) from the April 28 - Sept. 2, 1898, Cuban Blockade. The U.S.S. Yankee was originally built as the passenger liner El Norteas. She was acquired by the United States Na
  2. Can anyone shed any light on this man, I believe he was an Alpini, served WW1 and WW2, many thanks, Paul
  3. Hi Tony, yes been in touch with the previous custodian, who got them from the family, lost I guess, as to 1917, yes very strange my money is somewhere he shouldn't have been!! As a Mater of interest would you mount them up? I am contemplating it so they do not get lost again
  4. DSO, OBE, Single British War medal; Captain William Lewis Blennerhassett, Intelligence Corps, 5th Army - Examiner of German prisoners, seconded MI.1(c) (Secret Intelligence Service) attached to the Foreign Office Political Intelligence Department, served Great war, France, Switzerland, USA and post war in Russia and Lithuania. William Lewis Rowland Paul Sebastian Blennerhassett was born on 6 October 1882. (Rowland Lewis) (William "Willie" Paul Francis) Rowland Sebastian Blennerhassett (he used the initials R.P.F.C. Blennerhassett, placing Rowland first; W.L.R.P.S. B'hassett, placing William
  5. Please could anyone help with finding a photo of ; Captain Sir James Lawrence Cotter Bt, late South Irish Horse, 18 Indian Division, 337 Brigade RFA, Mesopotamia 1914-18 Many thanks Paul
  6. Ok this is a completely random thought; The idea of clasps was to save money, the OSM is expensive, so the thought was to have "Near East", North Africa", MENA etc; however when you look at the small amounts of personnel deploying the cost of bars is no more or less than an OSM, also you can correlate the rank of the senior officer deployed on operations to the issuing of a medal.....I also believe that the powers to be are happy for NATO/UN medals to be worn in lieu............
  7. Quote from the British medal Forum Nov 2015 "The Defence Instruction and Notices (DIN) outlining the institution of the GSM 2008 has been published. For those with access to DII, it's 2015DIN09-022. As the DIN is yet to be published in the public domain (without wishing to seem precious), I'm not in a position to add much more, other than to say the ribbon is a combination of green and purple and that the approved clasps (5 thus far) are broad geographic areas rather than specific operations and locations". Nothing further heard...
  8. My research has taken a unusual direction, firstly the man I thought served in South Africa was not him (see below) I have been in-touch with the "Arbuthnot" family archivist and I quote "I can’t find Arthur’s birth, or his parent’s marriage, or any siblings". Further his 1929 grave registration ;"I did find this which gives his birth as England. Ormby is Hornby". Arthur Ormby Arbuthnot Ontario, Toronto Trust Cemeteries Name Arthur Ormby Arbuthnot Event Type Burial Event Date 10 Jul 1929 Event Place Toronto, Ontario, Canada Age 50 Birth Year (Estimated) 1879 Birthpl
  9. It appears that he is not the person I thought was serving in South Africa, so not the Seaforths, so if any one has any ideas who he served with ???
  10. Update; World War One War medal named to 114755 Sgt. H.M. Ozanne 9th Canadian Mounted Rifles. Includes original transmittal box. Henry M. Ozanne was born at St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands. He served 1 year, 5 months in the London Rifle brigade. Six years in the 2nd Volunteer brigade, Hampshire Regiment. He attested into the 9th Canadian Mounted Rifles at Swift Current Saskatchewan. Next of Kin was his father at Velnord, Channel Islands. His occupation was farmer. He arrived in England on the 3rd of December 1915. On the 8th of December 1915 he was murdered at Bramshot
  11. Single Victory medal; to Captain William Harrison Hudspeth, Interpreter Chinese Labour Corp 1917-19 and British Methodist Missionary Shanghai, Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute Awarded the Order of Wen-Hu 5th Class (1920) and MBE in 1946 for his conduct while interned by the Japanese during WW2 William Harrison Hudspeth (1887-1976) was born at Willington, Co. Durham and was trained for the Methodist New Connexion ministry at Ranmoor College. In 1909 he travelled to China as a junior colleague of the missionary Samuel Pollard. He returned to Europe after several years and
  12. Thanks Peter, yes I think there is much more to him...what was he doing in Borneo?
  13. Recent eBay purchase; Single WW1 British war medal to Major Arthur Hornby Astley Corkran Arbuthnot, entitled to the Queens South Africa with four clasps (missing medal) served with the 3rd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders attached 3rd Battalion Highland Light Infantry; (S. African War, 1902 - Operations in the Transvaal and Orange River Colony, Mar to 31st May, 02. Operations in Cape Colony, Jan to Mar 02. Queen's Medal with 4 clasps). He is also noted as being on the British North Borneo Company Mat Salleh expedition (December 1899 a company expedition attacked Mat Salleh's fort at Tambun
  14. Cheers Peter, I would guess a great deal were re-cycled through HQs and Training regiments and (as I have a few) those with trench foot and "cold" related injuries by sending them to Mespot or Africa!!
  15. A wing was generally detached unit normally mounted infantry on each of the flanks during a move "column on route" if you consider a butterfly the body is the column and the wings spread each side, they can be as big or small as needed and would have all arms available
  16. 1915 Star Trio to Captain Leslie Booth Mackay 6th Battalion Royal Lancaster Regiment and Intelligence Corps Wounded in the ‘V.C. action’ at Bazentin-le-Petit, 30 July 1916. Leslie Booth Mackay was born on 20 September 1883 in Chatham. On his military records he is noted as being employed as a Printing works Manager at Court Lodge, Maidstone Road, Chatham (W & J Mackay and Co Ltd (Printers) Chatham) (His father is noted on the 1911 census as a Proprietor and Printer) however on the same census he is noted as a Musician and Singer!, He was commissioned a Lieutenant
  17. Single WW1 British war medal (only entitlement) to Major George Washington, Canadian army.... Whether by default of design seems to have embellished his military service by adding the DCM and other medals as well as his length of service.....having said that he served with distinction at home and abroad.....he also had a liking for taking photographs of naked women...... !! George Washington was born in 1872 in Leicester, England. he enlisted in the British Army serving 12 years with the Scots Greys, 2nd Dragoon Guards and 1 year with the Leicester Imperial Yeomanry in South Africa (
  18. Further to the above, he was made bankrupt in May 1914, but this does not seem to have impacted on his career as he made it to HM Chief Immigration officer in 1925 being appointed as; "Home Office : Inspector under the Aliens Act — Harold Dorman Patterson" in 1920
  19. At the age of 31 and a comfortable life of a bank clerk and a wife nearly 20 years older than him, one wonders how and why he ended up serving in Naval Intelligence as a Sub-Lieutenant in the RNVR, George Maysmor Harrison, Temporary Sub Lt RNVR, 3 Feb 1916, Short course in Coding and De-coding, Joins HMS Alsatian for Coding duties, 1 Feb 1918 to HMS Beryl additional for duty Senior Officer Northern Patrol. 29 November 1918 Temporary Commission and appointment (in RNVR) terminated on Transfer to Army for Intelligence Duties in Northern Russia. Temporary Commission called for cancel
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