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  1. Single WW1 British War medal, 2nd Lieutenant Nicholas (Nicolaas) Jan Kampers was a Dutch national who was born in Amsterdam on the 20th June 1873, as a young man in Holland he undertook his compulsory military Service in Holland and 1890-91 he is noted as being an accomplished Speed Skater (he entered the world championship) and in 1893 he was the editor of “De Athleet” the in-house magazine for the Amsterdam athletics club. He is noted as playing for the “Netherlands XI” the Dutch national team in 1894 as well as being Captain of Amsterdam Hockey club Holland's oldest hockey club and taking p
  2. Single British war medal (only war medal entitlement) Bernard Henry Dobson was attached to Mi5 (d branch, imperial and overseas intelligence). Seconded from 1915-1919 from the Indian Civil Service and is noted on the medal roll (Mi5) as receiving a single BWM. He served in the Indian Civil Service (ICS) from 1903-34 (see Whos whos entry attached ) and wrote the report "The final Report on the Chenab Colony Settlement" in 1915 Bernard joined MI5 (d) from the ICS in 1915 and in turn joined the commission Internationale de Ravitaillement, (This was the international commission for
  3. WW1 Single British war medal, Leo Pierre D'Andria was born in Bradford in 1886 and worked for his father (who came from Turkey but I believe to be Maltese) and who was a yarn/textile merchant in Bradford (Leo eventually took over the business) and who in later life a president and treasurer of the Bradford Chess Club (see photo), he died in 1964. Leo Joined the 1/6 West Yorkshire Regiment and was sent to France arriving on the 16 April 1915 as a Private but was soon promoted to Acting Sgt and attached to the 7th Intelligence Police company of the VII Corps over the course of the war was a
  4. 1914 Star and Bar to Gordon Egmont Hake, (aka Egmond Gordon) L/Cpl 1st Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, Commissioned Y” Army corps signals Company and Wireless Intelligence Egypt Born 11 May 1884 Brentford, Middlesex, England Prep school from the age of six in Fulham 1901 went to school at King Edward VI Grammar school His father Alfred Egmont Hake, author was a friend of General Gordon and edited his Khartoum diary he named his son “Gordon” after the General. Joined the army in 30 March 1903 2nd Bn Northumberland Fusiliers (Mounted Infantry) at the age of 17, as “G E Hake” P
  5. Single British war medal to William Alfred Ackland, entitled to the Victory medal , During WW1 served as Honorary Lieut. RNVR, 1918. Contributed to The Times History of the War and a Times Newspaper Journalist Long serving Journalist, honorary temporary commission RNVR 29.7.18 "Whilst on visit to allied ports, as a journalist to the Times". Career; Western Daily Mercury (Plymouth), Junior. rep. & sub-editor. 1890-96 Manchester Courier, sub-editor. 1896-1900: Editor. at 1910 Daily Dispatch (Manchester), chief sub-editor. & acting Editor. 1900-05: Director. & Edit
  6. WW1 British war and Victory medal (missing 14/15 Star) to Lieutenant William Kendrick Burkett or Burkitt, East African Intelligence Department Late 2nd Rhodesia Regiment William Kendrick Burkitt was born in Michigan USA, of British parents in 1884 and in 1911 he is found with his family living in Louth, Lincolnshire and the son of a Wall Paper factory worker which is also where he worked from the age of 16 In 1909 He and his father set off on the SS Arnadale Castle to Natal both listing themselves as Engineers. On the 28th of July 1915 he enlisted in the 2nd Rhodesia Regiment an
  7. Single 1914/15 Star to William Henry George Werndel Reuters War Correspondent in Salonika with the British Army and Reuters Correspondent Greco-Turkish war. William H G Werndel died on the 7th of March 1945 at the age of 88, He joined Reuters news agency in Constantinople in 1883. For nearly 40 years he was Reuters principal representative in the near east, he spoke Turkish, Greek and Bulgarian almost as fluently as German French and his Native English. During the Great War he was Reuters War correspondence in Salonika. In 1922 he was appointed as Chief correspondent to the League
  8. No he stayed in France..my theory is that he "registered" with them (he had a farm in Kenya) and was most likely mobilised...but given he was not in the country nothing happened
  9. No not at all...I have a formula before I purchase which works...so able to find "interesting people" and bring them back to life!!
  10. 1914 Star and Bar Trio to Harry Wilson Reid-Brown. Acting Corporal 1/9th (Glasgow Highlanders) Battalion, Highland Light Infantry, later Lieutenant Mi6 (c) and Intelligence Corps. Harry Wilson Reid Brown born 1892, Joined as a private soldier who gave his occupation as an "explosive agent", he enlisted 2 September 1914, he served in France and Flanders with the 9th Battalion, Highland Light Infantry from 5 November 1914 , seeing action in the Winter Operations 1914-15 and in 1915 saw action at The Battle of Festubert and The Battle of Loos. On the 30th of January 1916 they left the Div
  11. Cheers Guys, yes there was but according to his Obit and ships logs he was in Newfoundland when war started and then joined the 10th Royal Fusiliers (Stockbrokers) who landed in France on the 30th July 1915 "London Gazette has him; The undermentioned are granted the temporary rank of Lieutenant. Dated 10th September, 1914: — Robert George Geoffrey Harley".
  12. Single British war medal (entitled to a Trio) to Wyndham John Dorney Harding MBE later Reverend. Born Sept 1877, son of J. Harding of Coaley, Gloucester and Rockfield, Monmouthshire, Fettes Collage (were the fictional James Bond went) , Governors Exhibitioner to Edinburgh University. Left 1895. Edinburgh Univ. 1895-1898 Crown Agent for the Colonies Office, 1900-02; Secretary to His Highness the Gaekwar of Barodia, 1902-05; Munich University Psychology; Schoolmaster; Business; 1914-18 War; Intelligence 1915-1919; GHQ, France and War Office; MBE; despatches. Journalist;
  13. Had a look through my books sorry nothing....but this attached and this below; Louise de Bettignies ( 1880-1918) Louise est la septième des huit enfants d’Henri de Bettignies et Julienne Mabille de Poncheville. Elle nait le 15 juillet 1880 à Saint Amand les Eaux quelques jours après la vente par son père de la Société des Produits Céramiques du Nord, qui marque la fin de l’histoire familiale des porcelaines de Tournai et Saint Amand. François Joseph Péterinck, né à Lille, l’avait débutée en 1751 à Tournai, sa fille Amélie et son gendre Jean de Bettignies la continuèrent. Tandis que Henri
  14. WW1 Pair (missing 15 Star) Arthur James Lush, Rifle Brigade and Mi6 (b) Arthur James Lush, Born at Dorchester in 1892 and was educated at King’s School, Canterbury, and Keble College, Oxford. Commissioned into the 6th Special Reserve, Rifle Brigade in August 1914 and in January 1915 went to France joining the 1st Bn. Severely wounded during the second Battle of Ypres on the 20 June 1915, “On the 20th June 1915 the 1st Battalion Somerset Light infantry relieved the 1st Rifle Brigade in the front-line opposite International Trench. The Somerset’s were once again subjected to offen
  15. Single 1914/15 star to Captain Robert George Geoffrey Harley, The undermentioned are granted the temporary, rank of Lieutenant. Dated 10th September,1914: — Robert George Geoffrey Harley. 12th Mar 1917 Asst. Prov. Marshal (graded for purposes of pay as a Staff Lt., 1st Cl.)—Temp. Capt. R. G. G. Harley, R. Fusiliers. and to be transferred to the General List. 15th Mar 1917. The undermentioned temp Captain. relinquish their commissions, and are granted the hon. rank of Capt.:—R. G. G. Harley, on appt. to R.N.V.R 31st Dec. 1917. Capt. R. G. G. Harley (Lt., R.N.V.R.) relinquishes his
  16. I have now spend a bit more time researching Captain Smythies and found out he was Assistant Commissioner on the "Tallents mission" mission to Estonia 1919 and awarded the Estonian Cross of Freedom on the 26.03.1920
  17. For the best information on "La Dame Blanche" look to obtain the book "Secrets of the White Lady by Landau 1935, I have checked and Mr Keyser is not mentioned, On Des-Oney here is some more information.... Here is the book
  18. Single 1914/15 Star, Captain George Arthur Evered Poole MBE, MBE for services as District Political Officer at Yendi, Upper Togoland. Served 5th Bn Middlesex Regiment in South Africa, QSA clasps Cape Colony, Transvaal and South Africa 1902. Second Lieutenant G. A. E. Poole, 5th Battalion Middlesex Regiment, is granted the local rank of Lieutenant in the Army whilst em
  19. Kev, issue MMs were only ever silver, there are many copies out there ( I have seen them in Afghanistan) thinking out of the box, it could have been made locally as a replacement.
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