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  1. Try as I might I cannot find any note of this Bataillon, he was originally Jäger Regt zu Pferde Nr 9, any help gratefully received, thanks, Paul
  2. Looks like after the war he went to Australia he died in 1939 the KPM was for gallantry
  3. http://gotha2.blogspot.com/2017/07/qui-etaient-ces-maries.html I hope this time a correct photo of Lucy
  4. Great War British war medal and Victory named CONST. D. MARSH E. AFR. POLICE entitled to 1915 trio and the Kings Police medal (KPM). David Marsh, 1st Class European Constable, East African Police awarded the Kings Police Medal in 1919 According to the Kenya red book (1922) he was an Inspector in Mombasa and left the police in 1922. He appears to have served in the Sunderland Borough Police (Hebburn or Yarrow) There is no note of him in the History by Foran Can anyone point me in the right direction for archives or records, as ever thanks. Paul
  5. The original badge shown is a restrike of the British tropical SAS wings. These wings were manufactured but never worn,
  6. Nice tunic, un-named but a trawl through Canadian archives throws only one possibility Technical Sergeant George Washington FERRELL DFM, Air Medal FERRELL, Sergeant George (R117536) - Distinguished Flying Medal - No.103 Squadron - Award effective 2 June 1943 as per London Gazette dated 2 June 1943 and AFRO 1459/43 dated 30 July 1943. American in the RCAF. Born 14 October 1914 in Trenton, New Jersey. Home in Belleville, New Jersey. Electrician. Enlisted in Montreal 12 July 1941 and posted to No.1 Manning Depot. To No.4 WS, 27 September 1941. Promoted LAC, 29 October 1941. To Trent
  7. Jerry, tough one, with so many copies, as for ebay, I would stay away until you have a good handle, there are some reasonable books on the subject and that would be a good way forward
  8. dante

    Hi Nick, just tried to post "for sale" Two WW1 award documents to SS-Gruppenfuhrer Georg Schreyer will not let me, can you help, thanks, Paul

  9. Wonderful, if you ever find out if he wishes to sell, please let me know...again many thanks, Paul
  10. Single Victory Medal....in the dying embers of the Great war Frederick Justin Schrader was born in Negumbo, Ceylon on the 26 Jun 1892 to George Archibald Schrader and Thomasin Lily Martin. I have been unable to ascertain what Fred did before the war and how he came to be in England to enlist Fred enlisted in the artists rifles and attended officer training at Devonport, commissioned in February 1918 into the Devonshire Regiment, he left for France the 7th September 1918 on an American troopship with five other newly commissioned officers under the command of John Boynton "J.
  11. Single 1915 Star, Herbert Campbell was born 21 April 1875 and was brought up He came to Winchester Collage in the summer of 1888 and left in the summer of 1893, followed by his brother William Orr Campbell (DSO, 13th RWF) in 1891. They were the sons of William H Campbell and Augusta Biddulph OF Brewoods Close, Cookham Dean and 30 Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park . Herbert was a member of the Debating Society but his speeches aren’t recorded. There is some confusion as to what University he went to some documents have him at New others Magdalen College, Oxford but he is registered on the
  12. Single “engraved” 1915 Star, with the correct details to Captain Charles Edward Colbeck Royal Engineers Later awarded the Military Cross for the defence of Kut-al-Amara while serving with an Indian Imperial Service company, the Sirmoor Sappers and Miners and later was the driving force in developing a modern “Greek Fire” for defending Britain’s beach defenses before WW2 Being more than interested in the “Shingle Street” conspiracy I was surprised to find Colonel Colbeck moving to the area just before the war…I shall leave you to ponder if it is is more than a coincidence. 1881
  13. Paul, I have come across this http://archiv.sachsen.de/archiv/bestand.jsp?guid=9c0bc0d7-0ff4-460c-b7a4-b58c8efd68f0 Karl Meißnest geb. 20.10.1884 in Leonberg, Krs. Böblingen Gärtner Durchgangsgefangener von Berlin ins KZ Dachau.- Enthält auch: Durchgangsgefangene Johann Steffl von Berlin-Moabit nach Ebrach, Walter Paul Zocher von Dresden ins KZ Dachau, Walter Reginald Ames von Berlin ins Zivilinterierungslager Würzburg und Valentino Petroni von Berlin zur Übergabe an die Grenzpolizeibehörde Brenner. So it answers the question as to where he was in 1941
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