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  1. Thanks Laurence....appreciate it Does the wording have any significance?
  2. Thanks for the coin info Kevin...much appreciated Tony
  3. Hi everyone.... Waaaayy out of my lane, zone, area, etc....requesting any help in ID of the items pictures. A coworker's son has them, don't know where he picked them up...I believe they were his grandfather's when he served in the German Army, but they do not know what they are or for what they are given. I'd oike to be able to let him and his family know a little information....anything is appreciated. Thanks very much Tony
  4. And the simple decidedly elegant... I too have been bitten by the bug Rod...and although I am learning...the folks here are the best...and a wealth of knowledge.
  5. Even the elegant ones are decidedly simple in their look but strong in their statement...
  6. Just got confirmation that he did serve some time in Czech in the 20s after the war...they did award him a medal...the family didn't hae details but it is at the RAF museum at Hendon with his logbooks is ther any other Czech award with the same or similar ribbon? The family thought he was awarded a Czech Cross...but I don't find anything with that ribbon in a cross Thanks for all the help...I am in the process of buying the full size medals to hae mounted for the display I want to make..miniatures as well
  7. Thanks Jeff....some additional info...he enlisted in the Navy at age 12 in 1902, served on the Furious during the Battle of Jutland. He transfered from the RFC to the RAF in 1918 when it ws formed. In between the 2 wars he served in the Middle East including Iraq. During WW II, he was in command of 18 signal stations. Due to retire in 1946 he was offered a promotion to Air Commodore but turned it down due to his wife's ill health. He passed away in 1968. This is from a letter the Group Captain's grandson wrote. Thanks a lot for the help and information. Tony
  8. Thanks Rick...I also have asked the family if that was possible...I k ow he served in the Middle East, Iraq for some time and at the RAF Technical Training Command RAF Wantage Hall in 1945 Thanks T
  9. Thanks Jeff...I asked if he had any dealings wih the Czech military so we will see. I don't know where his OBE is, one of the letters I have refers to the "one off medal he received" being at the RAF meseum in Herndon along with his log books...but the other items I think are with the family. Thanks for the suggestion... T
  10. Hi All Soliciting your collective help with this uniform I have in my collection. It belongs to Group Captain William Thompson. I remain in correspondence with his family still. I found them after posting the query for information on an RAF veterans site...and was contacted...been in touch since. Anyway, I digress...I want to put together a display frame of his medals and ribbons etc. Considering finding period full size and a mini mounted bar of period mini's as well. What none of us can do is identify the last ribbon on his rack. If anyone can suggest a possibility or ID it for sure I wou
  11. Darrell...awesome. I love the old ones in the WW II cases...I kick myself for getting rid of te ones I had, but I get in the mood for change in how I display tem...and next think I know...gone. Great looking series. T
  12. Thanks for the expert eye Rick...that's why I come to you guys...it's a wealth of knowledge at least for me. I appreciate the lessons... I don't have the expertise in them but I thought the X looked shifty...just didn't look right...so now I hae a little more to look for in the future. Many thanks Tony
  13. Thanks for the insight...just got this from ebay regarding this seller and another auction they had... Please be advised that the following auction: 170060355285 - World War 1 German Large group of medals was ended early by eBay. The auction was ended due to the account suspension of the seller. All results for this auction are null and void. Interesting...considering your last observation...thanks for the save Tony
  14. Thanks Gerd...I thought so too once I realized the combo...I'm still a little slow in immediate IDs on some things.
  15. Gents...possible? Put together? Good, bad, or ugly? Appreciate you thoughts and insight...my neophite question is whether there would or should be any additional Bavarian awards... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;rd=1&rd=1
  16. Sir yes sir may I have another!!!!!!!!! Good point...I shall check the pinned threads before opening my chicklette holder... Thanks Rick T
  17. Holy Christmas Rick...that's a lot of good stuff. Cheapstingymiserly is not the word(s)...is there a particular thought or rationale behind it or just cheapmiserlystingy for the hell of it? I mean can it be a matter of some misguided attempt to increase the standinf of the House Order among other states (compared to theirs) or just that they reserved it for their "friends"... By the way...I know this is certainly a silly question...but where on earth do you get all this info? And if they are references how can I get my hands on them...it's facscinating and I appreciate the knowledge you give.
  18. Hi my name is Anthony and I am addicted to enamel. I am very sad to admit I have been bitten and I cannot stop...AND I already blew WAAAAAYYYYY too much on an enameled award and I am cooked I tell ya... I am still working overseas...will be for a while...but it's worth every day that we give our troops a good comfortable life over here. Thanks for supporting them. T
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