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  1. Many thanks to Bill Garvey for this information Nikolai Konstantinovich Matveev, born 1923, Junior Regimental Radio Technician, 371st "Vitevskiy" Red Banner Order of Suvorov Rifle Division, 3rd Belorussian Front, awarded Order of the Red Star, #1050857, November 18th, 1944. Awarded Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class, #575866, April 26, 1945, 65th "Kovno" Rifle Corps, 5th Army, 3rd Belorussian Front, as Radio Technician, 930th Artillery Regiment. Was also awarded an Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class, 1985 Jubilee issue. More close ups
  2. Paul they were identified when I bought them, I didn't do the research so I assume previous custodians did it A
  3. Another interesting set with the scarce AF Outstanding Airman of the Year award dead center of the ribbons
  4. ADM GW Steele (top) ADM Yates Stirling (bottom)
  5. Gents thank you no idea yet, haven't started the work. I'd think the VN DSO would help narrow it
  6. Hugh absolutely I agree the foreign decorations you would think would make it easier to trace. I haven't really put a lot of time into it recently but have been wanting to get back into the research aspect of it I appreciate the input it give me a starting point to think about
  7. Paul Thank you, no idea haven't been able to nail it down yet. I suspect a higher ranking staff officer with a lot of service in Italy
  8. Just one of many I have for you all to marinate on
  9. My only contribution...small but I am a fan of bars with orders so... http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_01_2015/post-1625-0-18368500-1420139970.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_01_2015/post-1625-0-00675600-1420139972.jpg
  10. Any idea how many of these were manufactured or are in circulation?
  11. An under-appreciated medal IMO, and a particularly eye catching medal as well. I have recently seen one in a mini group and have the luck of a custom ribbon set with one as well. While mostly awarded to civilians serving on draft boards (most of the time without pay) there were also awards made to flag level officers who established and/or supervised draft boards.
  12. Some of my favorites... Brigadier AH Bell BG H.W. Gordon Unattributed DSO bar
  13. Still no luck, any suggestions where I should be looking to find DSO rolls or records...or what references I should be looking to purchase going forward?
  14. Amazing that they go so young...I have a uniform to a RAF WWI and WW II vet who was an observer...joined RN at 12 and transitioned to to RAF when it came into being.
  15. I'm going to hang my hat on this one. From Bart on BMF- Admiral Sir William Jock Whitworth (1884-1973): KCB - Birthday Honours, 1941 DSO - 1918 MiD - Great War MiD - Birthday Honours, 1940 Grand Cross, Order of St. Olav - London Gazette 13-1-1948
  16. Lucky enough to pick up this interesting mini bar. What intrigued me was not only the DSO with bar, but the LOH with the finial balls as brilliants (hard to see in the photo). Is this something that would be traceable based on the 2 x DSO and LOH??
  17. Still no luck, I have not been able to check all the boxes, generally all fit but will be missing an MID or the Olaf does not align with the award date....UUUGGH!
  18. Is Sir Lionel Victor Wells a possibility? Or Sir William Jock Whitworth...served European War: 1914 HMS Cockatrice (destroyer) (despatches, DSO)
  19. A nice narrow focus. Hey is it possible it was an RAF officer as well?
  20. Thanks Mike, I didn't even pick up on that in my excitement; I appreciate that
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