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  1. THAT'S nuts, I should have grabbed more when I had the chance.
  2. THAT is just fantastic. I havent' seen a method of display so creative. I think I might have to copy your technique. What are you using to secure the medals into the space in the album? Well done Tony
  3. Forgive my ignorance Ed, is the lack of research ability on the OLG a result of availability of records?
  4. Fantastic piece. I know the regulations changed at some point leading to many of the orders moving from screw back to suspension, but was there ever a choice to wear a suspension version or screwback? I ask because of the instances where they were converted and then converted back.....curious if it was personal preference or required. Hey anyone have any 3d or 4th or higher awards?? Thanks
  5. My example of the 12c marked for reference...a nice piece, not as good quality as the riveted piece shown but IMO better than the current strikes. The gold finish is a polished mirror look vice a brushed finish, I never did favor the mirror look. Just another variation to look for in the Chief Commander series.
  6. Gentlemen Thank you for your recommendations and background.....it's a great motivator to get this piece researched. Rick, thanks, at least now I have a year group to place it as a start.....1943 is a nice surprise. I really need to study the dates and time periods more for the Soviet items, I dont have much research material over here. Anyway, thank you for your items I truly enjoy seeing what's out there, it always amazes me what is in your houses.
  7. HOLY SMOKES......I better get this locked up in the bank...
  8. WOW....and to think I forgot I had it...... Thanks for the info Christian....I guess on some level I was smart to move the regular RBs and keep this one....Seems like the Red Banners now are commanding what I paid for this one.....craziness
  9. Was home on leave when I got a box of my old ODM from a friend.....and in it I found the Red Banner #2 (#3760) that I had forgotten about. Ironically, I sold the Red Banners I had but kept this one....thought I would throw it out here marinate on the multiple award Red Banners out there. I have no story with mine except that I got it for what would be a steal today.....but no history on it. If you have them throw em up here and let's see......thanks
  10. AMEN Hugh.....agreed, if it was something approved then it becomes a different story, but as it stands, it's a novelty to show my kids and someday grandchildren....actually the certificate is garbage as well. I think my nephew could have created something more appropriate than the bland uninspiring check the block certificate that came in the mail. My $.02 Tony
  11. That is spectacular.... I had a newer piece, 60s or 70s? and could clearly see the lack of detail and quality that is in yours....just lovely. The case is kliller....hard to find let alone in this case and complete.....great find
  12. Lorenzo The price depends on the period of the piece. If you are looking for ccurrent issues then I would expect to pay less than what you are quoting. That is my opinion.....i dont think the quality is worth the money, and the fact that they are so readily available in the market adds to my thought. I have older pieces from the 70s back to the 50s. My Commanders is a Balfour piece form the 50s. I got that for less than what you are quoting below. Also have an older Chief Commander 60s or so, and a 70s + piece marked 12c. Not the best quality compared to the older piece, but is far above what
  13. That's the great part Lorenzo...you have the hisstory and provenance with your orders.....you ever think of documenting all in a book or your own web page? Your experience in Iraq coupled with your collection and the contacts you have made is sure to be interesting to many many more people... As always I enjoy seeing your pieces.... T
  14. My humble contribution......got this in 2004 for 10 bucks in Taji....lucky he didnt know what it was. Case is excellent too....
  15. OK....got another one....instead of a new topic I am adding the new coin/medal/commemorative medal here. Case is grey plastic, medal is about 3" diameter and quite heavy. I have seen the local copies of this and they are cast in poor metal and can never me confused with this. ANy ideas what is says or what I was commemorating (besides Saddam himself)? It looks to be something dealing with the Arab States as a whole based on the "map" on the reverse...but not sure. Any insight is appreciated.
  16. Fantastic....thanks brother.....I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for a case or another badge. Take care
  17. My humble contribution, no bow ribbon, just the planchet. Surprisingly this is the only one I have seen in my travels in Iraq so had to grab it while I could ribbon or no ribbon.
  18. Thanks Lorenzo......have you seen one in the case/box?
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